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You can only perform a completely silent install of MapInfo Pro when your install process has elevated administrative privileges.

The command-line options /q and /qn do not work when the User Access Control (UAC) is turned on and your install process does not run with elevated administrative privileges. These options turn off the user interface during the installation, which suppresses the Windows UAC. Users must interact with the UAC to provide the necessary credentials to run the installation as an administrator. If the user interface is turned off, the installation is terminated without warning because the UAC cannot gather the appropriate credentials.

To work around the problem, use the /qb option in the command line when you run the silent install. This option gives the installation a basic user interface and allows the UAC to display on the dialog box.

To perform a silent install using the /qb option:

  1. From the command prompt, go to the MapInfo Pro setup directory. The MapInfo Pro installation setup.exe indicated in the steps below can be found on the installation DVD (D:\) in this directory: \Install\MI_PRO\DISK1.
  2. Type the following command:
    setup.exe /L#### /s /v"/qb USERNAME=\"MyUser\" COMPANYNAME=\"MyCompanyName\" 


    • /L#### is the 4 digit language code identifier. For example, for English type setup.exe /L1033, for French type setup.exe /L1036, for German type setup.exe /L1031. and for Japanese type setup.exe /L1041. DO NOT leave a space between the /L and the 4 digit language code.
    • PIDKEY=M############### is the product serial number.
    • ACCD=###### is the access code.
    • MPRO=True creates the MapInfo Pro shortcut in the Start menu and sets the default file association of registered MapInfo Pro file types such as workspace (*.wor) or table (*.tab) with MapInfo Pro.
    • MVWR=True creates the MapInfo Viewer shortcut in the Start menu. It also sets the default file association of registered MapInfo Pro file types such as workspace (*.wor) or table (*.tab) with the new MapInfo Viewer (subscription) if the MPRO parameter above is not set to True. For details of this new feature, see MapInfo Pro Viewer.
    • If both the MPRO and MVWR parameters above are set to True, MPRO takes precedence and MapInfo Pro would be the default application associated with MapInfo Pro registered file types such as workspace (*.wor) or table (*.tab).
    • ENABLE_SECURE_LICENSE_COMMUNICATION enables secure license communication. Values are True or False.
    • ADDLOCAL=ProgramFiles,Python310,FME,Documentation,Tools,FDODriver,CatalogBrowser. From version 2019.1 FDODriver and CatalogBrowser are not installed as default components. Use the ADDLOCAL parameters to enable the MapInfo Pro silent installer to install these components. Please note that the ProgramFiles, Documentation and Tools parameters are required for a proper MapInfo Pro installation. You can omit other components like Python37, FME, FDODriver and CatalogBrowser if you do not want to install them.
  3. When User Access Control displays on the dialog box, click Allow or Yes.

    For concurrent licenses, the license server name and port number parameters must be included:

    • SNAME="LicenseServerName"
    • LSPN="LicenseServerPortNumber"

    Substitute the appropriate license server name and port number when you perform the silent install.

    For detailed instructions on installing MapInfo Pro silently, see Chapter 5: Silent Installation Procedures from the MapInfo Pro Install Guide.