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When MapInfo Pro starts it checks the operating system directory location C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\MapInfo\MapInfo for the following files:

  • MapInfoPro.WOR
  • MapInfoPro.wox
  • MapInfoPro.pref

If these files exist, then MapInfo Pro uses them at startup. If these files do not exist in the location, then MapInfo Pro creates them all except for the STARTUP.WOR.

Application data (AppData) files are the non-executable data files that MapInfo Pro uses during operation.

We recommend you to make sure of the following before starting the process to install / upgrade:

  • You must have Administrator rights to run the Installer.
  • The Installer requires that your TEMP variable be set to a valid directory.
  • You must exit from all Windows programs before beginning the installation process.

The installer for MapInfo Pro will install all the files necessary to run Pro in multiple languages. During the installation process the first question will be what language would you like to run Pro in. This will be the default language of the Pro Application. The list of available languages to choose from will depend on what is available in the installer. Eventually all languages will be available as the localization process finishes up.

MapInfo Pro users who register with a Precisely online account are able to run MapInfo Pro in a connected Viewer Only (subscription) mode. The MapInfo Pro installer adds a shortcut (Icon) to the Windows Start Menu to start MapInfo Pro in Viewer (subscription) mode. This icon is located next to the regular MapInfo Pro Start Menu shortcut.

Advanced users may wish to run Pro in a different language than was chosen at installation time. This will now be possible by copying the MapInfoPro.exe.config from a language sub-folder (such as fr, de, ja, zh-CN) under the MapInfo Pro installation location on top of the MapInfoPro.exe.config in the MapInfo Pro installation location. Most users will never need to do this, but if you do try it, be sure to make a copy of the file first! Be aware that many Pro settings such as ribbon customization are locale-specific.

These are the language versions of Pro and the sub folders used (Changing AppLocale or System Charset via .config file is for advanced users only).

UI Locale and Sub Folder Name AppLocale Name AppLocale code Language Country/Region CodePage SystemCharset Name
zh-CN zh-cN 2052 Chinese (Simplified) 936 WindowsSimpChinese
cs cs-CZ 1029 Czech - Czech Republic 1250 WindowsLatin2
da da-DK 1030 Danish - Denmark 1252 WindowsLatin1
nl nl-NL 1043 Dutch - The Netherlands 1252 WindowsLatin1
en en-US 1033 English - United States 1252 WindowsLatin1
fi fi-FI 1035 Finnish - Finland 1252 WindowsLatin1
fr fr-FR 1036 French - France 1252 WindowsLatin1
de de-DE 1031 German - Germany 1252 WindowsLatin1
he he-IL 1037 Hebrew - Israel 1252 WindowsHebrew
it it-IT 1040 Italian - Italy 1252 WindowsLatin1
ja ja-JP 1041 Japanese - Japan 932 WindowsJapanese
pl pl-PL 1045 Polish - Poland 1250 WindowsLatin2
pt pt-BR 1046 Portuguese - Brazil 1252 WindowsLatin1
ru ru-RU 1049 Russian - Russia 1251 WindowsCyrillic
es es-ES 1034 Spanish - Spain 1252 WindowsLatin1
sv sv-SE 1053 Swedish - Sweden 1252 WindowsLatin1
tr tr-TR 1055 Turkish - Turkey 1254 WindowsTurkish

You can install or upgrade MapInfo Pro using the Interactive Installation Wizard or silently through the command line.

Note: For detailed instructions on installing MapInfo Pro, see the MapInfo Pro Install Guide. To access the MapInfo Pro Install Guide and other documents, launch the MapInfo Pro DVD auto-start presentation by double clicking the autostart.exe in the root folder of the DVD and then clicking Online Reference and MapInfo Pro Install Guide.