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You can now show the clicked 3D objects as selected and also show them in the Info tool using the On 3D Click functionality under the Interaction tab in the 3D Layer control.

The On 3D Click has three options:

  1. Select object in original table- Use this option to see all the attributes for the clicked object in the 3D window. Use this to query the database, select clicked objects from the table, and create a results table that you can view in a Map or Browser window.
  2. Find Selection- Use this option to locate the selected clicked object in all currently open windows.
  3. Show record in Info Window- Use this option to display the Object Attribute dialog box for a selected object (editable or read-only) in a Map window and specify geographic attributes for an object.

Note: By default, the Find Selection option is disabled and is enabled when the Select object in the original table option is selected.