Interoperability with Spectrum Spatial - 2023

MapInfo Pro Release Notes

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MapInfo Pro Release Notes
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Ability to open, view, and edit named vector tables using the feature service

Using the OGR Web Connection dialog:

  1. Select the MapInfo Feature Service.
  2. Prefix the Spectrum Spatial Server Instance with "MIFS:" and click OK
  3. On the OGR Options dialog for the MIFS driver, increase the paging size for large tables and click OK.
  4. Enter the credentials for the server.
  5. On the Select One or More Tables to Open dialog, select one or more tables and set the options.
  6. Click OK to register and open the selected named tables.
    Note: You can only open vector tables this way.

Large tables can take time to open as the data is cached locally. The tables, including the spatial edits, can be viewed and edited normally in MapInfo Pro.

Ability to upload Map Info Pro tables using the export and the feature service

You can upload any vector table open in MapInfo Pro to a Spectrum Spatial Server Instance as a named table. The table is first converted into a native table and then uploaded using the OGR MapInfo Feature Service (MIFS) driver. You can use the Map Uploader add-in (NRCreator.mbx) to browse the repository, named connections, etc. For this to work, you must have the add-in registered or loaded. If not, the browse capability will not work. You can still upload, but you must type the correct values into the export dialog.

  1. Select one or more tables to upload in the table list and right-click to choose Export, or use the Export button on the table tab and select tables to upload.
  2. From the Export Table(s) to File(s), select the MIFS driver.
  3. Click OK to display the MapInfo Feature Service Export Options dialog.
    Note: The server URLs configured in the Map Uploader are listed in the URL combobox.
  4. Click OK to create a background task for each table being uploaded.
Note: Some table types such as RDB or WFS must be processed in the main thread so the application execution is blocked as they are uploaded.

A local OGR tab file is created in the specified location for each table uploaded. Use this file to open the named tables from the server in MapInfo Pro.