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When printing a Layout window, map frames have some printing considerations. Each map frame in the layout is independent of the other map frames in the same layout.

What You See is What You Get

When printing a layout, the map in the printout looks identical to the map in the layout on the screen (this includes how the labels look).

Print OSBM

Off-Screen Bitmap (OSBM) automatically applies when printing a map frame that contains items or options that require OSBM to preserve their appearance in print. Using OSBM processes each print tile as a raster. This is an automatic setting that you cannot control when printing from a Layout window. Using OSBM applies when the Map has enhanced rendering turned on, and one or more visible layers with:

  • Translucent vectors.
  • Images (such as raster, grid, WMS, or tile server) with transparency, translucency, or image smoothing.

Printing to a layered PDF does not use the Print OSBM method.

Subdivide Printing

You can turn on subdivide printing as a preference. On the PRO tab, select Options, and click Output Settings. On the Printing tab, select the Subdivide Printing check box. When subdivide printing is turned on and Print OSBM is not being used, then each map in a Layout window divides into smaller tiles while printing. This reduces the amount memory required to process the print job, especially when the map frame is large. When subdivide printing is off, then each map frame prints at once.

Translucent Images

If your map contains translucent images (usually raster, grid, WMS, or TileServer images) and Enhanced Rendering is turned off, then it may not print as translucent. To make it print with translucency, on the MAP tab, in the Options group, click Map Options. In the Map Options dialog box, check the Enable Enhanced Rendering check box.