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PDFs are capable of holding multiple pages of information in the same space through the use of Optional Content Groups (OCG), which are more commonly known as layers. Layers in PDFs are very similar to MapInfo Pro map layers.

Each layer may hold any portion of the document's objects and layers may be made visible or invisible, showing or hiding their contained objects, in any combination. By selectively hiding layers, you reduce distractions to concentrate on particular areas or types of objects. Layers can be organized into groups and the visibility option can apply to all layers within a group as one step.

To print a map or a layout to a layered PDF:

  1. From the HOME tab, in the Output group, click Print or Create to open the Print dialog box.
  2. From the Name list, select MapInfo PDF Printer. This is the PDF driver that installs with MapInfo Pro.
    Note: The Layered PDF option is only available when using the MapInfo PDF Printer.

    Optionally, click Properties to set any printing preferences.

  3. Click PDF to open the PDF Preferences dialog and check the Layered PDF check box.
    Note: It may take some time to process a large map with many layers.

When printing a layout in a Layout window to a layered PDF, each frame (such as map, browser, legend, image, text, and shapes frames) becomes a layer in the PDF.

You can also use a different PDF driver, not the MapInfo PDF Printer. Doing so creates a static PDF map without layer information, so you do not have the ability to turn on or off particular map layers.

Labels in a Map window save to a separate layer in the PDF with a name that includes the parent layer name. Adornments save as a separate Adornments layer in the PDF. An empty Cosmetic layer does not save to the PDF.