EVO019 VTAM subtask open for acb failed, RC = rcnumber, error = enumber - ironstream_for_micro_focus_universal_discovery - 7.4

Ironstream for Micro Focus® Universal Discovery for IBM Z® Administration

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Ironstream for Micro Focus Universal Discovery for IBM Z
Ironstream for Micro Focus® Universal Discovery for IBM Z® Administration
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Message Variables

subtask Type of subtask

acb Name of failing ACB

rcnumber Return code from the Open VTAM ACB routine

enumber Error code within ACB

Message Description

An attempt by an initializing subtask to open a VTAM ACB failed.

System Action

The VP390 subtask terminates with a condition code 8.

User Action

Verify that the ACB name acb is correctly defined. If rcnumber = 8, then the subtask may be restarted using the INIT command. If rcnumber = 12, then there is a serious VTAM error which will not allow a re-issue of the ACB Open command; check the status of VTAM and recycle the VP390 job. If enumber = 88, then resource acb is already in use by another program. (Remember that the PPO subtask should not be used if NetView is running.) If enumber = 36, verify that acb does not have a password requirement or other RACF restriction. If enumber = 90, verify that the VTAMLST APPL entry for acb is coded correctly and the APPL is active. For descriptions of other error codes, see the section for the OPEN macroinstruction in the IBM manual VTAM Programming.