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1. Is it possible to Sign In or Sign Up using the URLs http://taxco.g1.comor

Ans. No, Sign In or Sign Up can only be done using the URL Any other URL cannot be used for Sign Up/In or to perform any other operations.

2. What to do if no email notification is received post successful sign up?

Ans. Please check the email in your spam folder. In case, there is no email, regenerate a new password using Forgot Password link on the Sign In page.

3. What if I am not able to Sign In even after providing the valid credentials?

Ans. Please clear the cookies and browser history and try signing in again. In case, you are still not able to sign in, see Support to contact us.

4. Is it possible for multiple users to Sign In to using credentials of a single account?

Ans. Yes, multiple users can sign in by using a single account.

5. Once, I sign up, is there a way for my employees to access the site without using my log in credentials?

Ans. At present, our system is setup for only one set of credentials; your employees will need to use your log in information to access the site. We realize that this is a problem for some users and are working on a solution to the issue.

6. Do I need to sign up each month or will my credit card be automatically charged?

Ans. Your credit card will be automatically charged for the monthly fee plus any overages that occurred during the month.

7. Is there any support provided to assist with Sign Up/ Sign In issues?

Ans. For all the issues related to Sign Up/ Sign In, such as forgotten password, incorrect email address and so on, see Support to contact us.