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GeoTAX Premium for Windows, UNIX/Linux, and z/OS
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Street locator geocoding is an optional feature, which is enabled using the Street Centroid option. When enabled, if an input street address cannot be found using the street number and name, GeoTAX then searches the input ZIP Code or city/state for the closest match. If GeoTAX is able to locate the street, it returns a geocode along the matched street segment rather than the geocode for the entered ZIP Code or ZIP+4.

Use the following to enable street locator geocoding:

Batch processing

Use the Street Centroid Option field in the CONFIG parameter card.

Integrator Series API

Use the cStreetCentroidOpt element in the GTXINPUT parameter structure prior to calling GTXMatchAddress.

Callable Functions

Use the MCA-STREET-CENTROID-OPT field in the Matcher Control Area prior to Calling the GTMATCH program.

If Street Centroid is enabled, and the input address is 5000 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO 80301, and there is no 5000 Walnut Street, GeoTAX searches for the closest match to that address within the input ZIP Code. If there is no input ZIP Code, GeoTAX searches for the closest match to the input address within Boulder, CO.

If the input address is Walnut Street, Boulder, CO 80301, since there is no street number, GeoTAX then searches for that street within the input ZIP Code. As with the previous example, if there is no input ZIP Code, then GeoTAX searches within Boulder, CO for the closest match.

When using street locator geocoding, if no exact matching house number is found, a match code of either E029 (no matching range, single street segment found), or E030 (no matching range, multiple street segment) returns. For example, if you enter Main St and there are both an E Main St and a W Main St within the input ZIP Code, then an E030 returns and the location code returned is reflective of the input ZIP Code. The location code returned begins with a 'C' when matched to a single street segment, indicated by E029.

GeoTAX does not change the street name on the output address. For more information regarding the match and location codes associated with this feature, see Appendix D: Status Codes and Street centroid location codes.