Using the C API on a UNIX Platform - GeoTAX_Premium - 7 - 7.7

GeoTAX Premium for Windows, UNIX/Linux, and z/OS

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GeoTAX Premium
GeoTAX Premium for Windows, UNIX/Linux, and z/OS
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The UNIX C Language Application Program Interface (C API) for GeoTAX is delivered as a shared object in the $G1GTX/lib subdirectory. The associated header file and a test program to call the API are located in the $G1GTX/api subdirectory.

UNIX Environmental Considerations

  • The environment variables LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Linux, Solaris, LIBPATH on AIX, and SHLIB_PATH on HPUX should be set in the user’s login profile to ensure that the library path is not appended every time the Precisely setup shell script is evoked.

  • Makefiles are included for building sample and test programs only. If you choose to use these Makefiles as templates for your own projects, please be aware that you must change the Makefile to meet your requirements.

  • You must use an ANSI C or C++ compiler to build applications that link with Precisely products.

  • Precisely programs ship as dynamically linked shared objects/libraries (.so and .sl) and also statically linked libraries (.a) for use in your system.

  • If you receive unresolved symbols during the linking (binding) phase of creating your custom executable, this means that certain library functions are not available for the linker to find. Please ensure that your C libraries are included in linker’s library list and/or are on the LD_LIBRARY or LIBPATH or SHLIB_PATH environment variable list.

  • If you have Oracle environmental variables set in your profile, please be aware that they may interfere with CD-ROM database loading processes because of the way data is streamed from the CD-ROM into the COBOL programs. If you experience database loading problems and are using Oracle, please check that the Oracle environmental variables are not active when you perform the CD-ROM database loads.

  • The following script in $G1GTX/api may be helpful when building your C application using the Integrator Series for GeoTAX: testaddr - Example build using testaddr.c that calls the API.

Once you have built the testaddr executable, you can execute this test program that performs various sample calls utilizing the API functions for GeoTAX.