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GeoTAX Premium for Windows, UNIX/Linux, and z/OS
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There are several auxiliary file options available to you as follows:

Landmark Auxiliary file - This option provides you a way to specify customized address information in your input records; this file also includes latitude/longitude spatial information. The recommended primary use of this file is to match to your company’s non-address locations such as well heads, transmission towers or any other descriptive location. The latitude/longitude coordinates that is part of the input needed to build this file allows companies to automatically keep track of any jurisdictional changes that affect these unique locations. Matching to this file requires that the input record information match exactly to the Landmark file contents. This also applies to street records if you choose to enter them in the Landmark file. For directions on creating the Landmark Auxiliary file, see Landmark Auxiliary file.

User Auxiliary file - This user-defined file can override results to the master files in street-level matching. If you have data that is more current than that in the master file, you can enter the new data into the auxiliary file and use it for your address matching. This file does not contain latitude/longitude spatial information. The input address is cleansed before GeoTAX attempts a match to this file. For directions on creating the User Auxiliary file, see User Auxiliary file.

GeoTAX Auxiliary file - Precisely updates its data regularly to incorporate new rules by government entities and enhancements by third-party data providers. This file contains new addresses that have not yet been added to the master file. It provides the most up-to-date address data possible. This file just needs to be downloaded; for information on how to load your GeoTAX Auxiliary file, see GeoTAX Auxiliary File.

The remainder of this appendix covers how to create and match to Landmark and User Auxiliary files.