"Ennn" Match Codes for No Match - geo_addressing_sdk - 5.0

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The following table describes the values returned when the application cannot find a match or an error occurs.

Code "nnn" Value Description
Ennn 1   Indicates an error, or no match. This can occur when the address entered does not exist in the database, or the address is badly formed and cannot be parsed correctly. The last three digits of an error code indicate which parts of an address the application could not match to the database.
  nnn = 000 No match made.
  nnn = 001 Low level error.
  nnn = 002 Could not find data file.
  nnn = 003 Incorrect GSD file signature or version ID.
  nnn = 004 GSD file out of date. Only occurs in CASS mode.
  nnn = 010 No city and state or ZIP Code found.
  nnn = 011 Input ZIP not in the directory.
  nnn = 012 Input city not in the directory.
  nnn = 013 Input city not unique in the directory.
  nnn = 014 Out of licensed area. Only occurs if using Group1 licensing technology.
  nnn = 015 Record count is depleted and license has expired.
  nnn = 020 No matching streets found in directory.
  nnn = 021 No matching cross streets for an intersection match.
  nnn = 022 No matching segments.
  nnn = 023 Unresolved match.
  nnn = 024 No matching segments. (Same as 022.)
  nnn = 025 Too many possible cross streets for intersection matching.
  nnn = 026 No address found when attempting a multiline match.
  nnn = 027 Invalid directional attempted.
  nnn = 028 Record also matched EWS data, therefore the application denied the match.
  nnn = 029 No matching range, single street segment found.
  nnn = 030 No matching range, multiple street segments found.
1 Ennn may be returned if Output corrected last line is enabled.FIND_CORRECT_LASTLINE is set to true. For more information, see Correct Lastline Match Codes.