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The following table provides 'S' result code descriptions for Australia.

Result Code Description
Street level geocoded candidates return a result code beginning with the letter S. The second character in the code indicates the positional accuracy of the resulting point for the geocoded record.
S8 Single match, point located at either the single point associated with an address point candidate or at an address point candidate that shares the same house number. No interpolation is required.
S8.......G The S8.......G result code is used for single matches with GNAF Reliability levels of 1or 2 (the highest level of GNAF Reliability.
S7 Single match, located at an interpolated point along the candidate’s street segment. When the potential candidate is not an address point candidate and there are no exact house number matches among other address point candidates, the S7 result is returned using address point interpolation.
S7.......G The S7.......G result code is used for single matches with GNAF Reliability level of 3.
S5 Single match, point located at a street address position.
S4 Single match, point located at the center of a shape point path (shape points define the shape of the street polyline).
S4.......G The S4.......G result code is used for single matches with a GNAF Reliability level of 4 (associated with a unique road feature.)
S0 Single match, however, no coordinates are available (this is a very rare occurrence).
SX Single match with the point located at street intersection.
SC Single match where the original point has been moved a specified distance (usually along a perpendicular line) toward or away from the associated street segment. This result code can be returned only when both a point geocoding dataset and a street segment geocoding dataset are available and when the centerline offset feature is used.
SG Single match with point at the centre of a locality (areaName3) or Locality level geocode derived from topographic feature. An SG result code is associated with GNAF Reliability Level 5 (locality or neighbourhood) or with Level 6 (unique region.)
SP Single close match to a postal (PO Box) location. This can be generated only from the standard Australia Street Range data set.