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Allow PreciselyID Fallback is a custom geocoding preference for USA addresses that returns a PreciselyID unique identifier. Once the address contains a PreciselyID, it can serve as a lookup key to add attributes to an address from Precisely GeoEnrichment datasets. The PreciselyID PBKey Fallback requires that you have licensed and installed Master Location Data (MLD).

Allow PreciselyID Fallback returns a PreciselyID when an address that does not match one in the MLD, matches to a different dataset. The PreciselyID of the nearest MLD point located within the search distance is returned. The fallback PreciselyID distinguishes itself from an exact MLD PreciselyID with a leading “X” in the return value, for example X00001XSF1IF. An exact match MLD PreciselyID begins with a “P”.

Note: All of the other fields returned for the address match, including the geocode and all associated data returns, reflect the match results for the input address.

PreciselyID Fallback is available for forward and reverse geocoding. The Allow PreciselyID Fallback checkbox is located in Management Console and Enterprise Designer when you choose Global Geocode and set the country filter to USA. For REST geocoding requests and responses, the preference is called FIND_APPROXIMATE_PBKEY.

Considerations when using PreciselyID Fallback with GeoEnrichment data. The relevance and accuracy of the returned attribute data using an Allow PreciselyID Fallback location is highly dependent on the type of GeoEnrichment data, as well as the Allow PreciselyID Fallback search distance. The Allow PreciselyID Fallback preference is intended for use with GeoEnrichment datasets that have polygonal-based data, rather than point-specific data.

For example, Allow PreciselyID Fallback may be suitable for determining the FEMA flood zone for a given location using the Flood Risk Pro GeoEnrichment dataset since it contains data that represents a polygonal region rather than a single coordinate. However, it is important to note that the accuracy of the returned data would very much depend on the size and nature of the individual polygonal features described in the GeoEnrichment data, combined with the search distance used to locate the nearest Master Location Data point. The search distance is configurable with an allowable search radius of 0-5280 feet and a default value of 150 feet.


To implement PreciselyID Fallback:

  • Install Master Location Data.
  • For REST calls, set the custom property FIND_APPROXIMATE_PBKEY to true.
  • In Enterprise Designer and Management Console, check the box labeled Allow PreciselyID Fallback on the Global Geocode Geocoding stage.
  • Optionally, set the search distance for the nearest MLD point that contains a PreciselyID: The allowable search radius is 0-5280 feet. The default is 150 feet.
    • For forward geocoding, use the FIND_SEARCH_DIST option.
    • For reverse geocoding, the search distance is the same that is used for the reverse geocoding search radius, use preferences:distance. For more information, see Reverse Geocode POST Request.