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The POST request enables you to submit a single input address or a list of addresses for batch processing. Matching and/or geocoding preferences can optionally be specified to the service and receive the associated latitude/longitude coordinates and location information. The preference options for a POST request are the complete set of available options.

The GET request enables you to submit an input address and matching and/or geocoding preferences to the and receive a response that provides the candidates object which contains the associated latitude/longitude coordinates and other matching and location information about each candidate. The preferences for a GET request are a subset of the total available with the POST request. Each key/value pair is separated by an ampersand (&).

Base URI


See Example: Geocode JSON Request and Response.

http://<server>:<port>/rest/addressing/v1/geocode[.content type]

Micro-Batch Processing

Micro-batch processing is a technique where you include more than one record in a single service request. By including multiple records in a request instead of issuing separate requests for each record, you can significantly improve performance when processing a large collection of records through a service. Spectrum Technology Platform supports micro-batch processing for REST and SOAP web services. By default, in Spectrum Global Geocoding Module the MAXIMUM BATCH SIZE is set to 100, which means a single request can only accept 100 records. This can be altered to your preferred value.

Maximum_Batch_Size can be changed in Spectrum Management Console. While creating/updating a Global Geocode database in Spectrum Management Console, please scroll down below and check Override advanced settings then expand Java Properties. Now, set the MAXIMUM_BATCH_SIZE as per your usage. MAXIMUM_BATCH_SIZE can also be set with in the addressing.yaml file.

For selecting an appropriate MAXIMUM_BATCH _SIZE, several criteria should be considered to obtain optimal performance, for example following input address standards, and sorting input address records by country and/or postcode when possible.