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Geo Addressing SDK Developer Guide
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Within the Addressing API, the Geocode Service provides address validation and standardization capabilities along with location information.

  "preferences": {
    "maxResults": 1,
    "returnAllInfo": true,
    "factoryDescription": {
      "label": "",
      "featureSpecific": {}
    "clientLocale": "",
    "clientCoordSysName": "",
    "distance": {
      "value": 150,
      "distanceUnit": "METER"
    "streetOffset": {
      "value": 7,
      "distanceUnit": "METER"
    "cornerOffset": {
      "value": 7,
      "distanceUnit": "METER"
    "fallbackToGeographic": false,
    "fallbackToPostal": false,
    "matchMode": "",
    "returnOfAdditionalFields": false,
    "originXY": [],
    "customPreferences": {}
  "addresses": [
      "addressId": "1",
      "addressLines": [
        "1700 District Ave #300 Burlington, MA"
      "country": "USA",
      "addressNumber": "",
      "admin1": "",
      "admin2": "",
      "city": "",
      "borough": "",
      "neighborhood": "",
      "suburb": "",
      "postalCode": "",
      "postalCodeExt": "",
      "placeName": "",
      "street": "",
      "building": "",
      "floor": "",
      "room": "",
      "unit": "",
      "unitType": ""

You can try this in the Geo Addressing SDK Sample application (http://{server}:{port}/{context}/):
  1. Click Addressing > Geocode.
  2. Enter a complete Address and specify a Country.
    • If multiline entry is needed, select the Show parsed Fields option.
  3. In the Request, go to the "preferences" section and enter a value on the "label" line.
  4. Click Submit and view the response.

Input Address Guidelines

Follow these address guidelines for best performance:

  • Ensure that your input addresses are as complete and accurate as possible. If there are errors in your input addresses, the Geo Addressing SDK Spectrum Global GeocodingGeocoding REST API may still be able to geocode those addresses, but there may be more than one possible match.
  • Include postal codes in your input addresses if you have them. This is not required, but it allows the Geo Addressing SDKSpectrum Global Geocoding Geocoding REST API to perform postal geocoding. This may give you more accurate results for some addresses, depending on the country and on the completeness and accuracy of other address components.
  • Format your input addresses consistently. The Geo Addressing SDK Spectrum Global GeocodingGeocoding REST API can handle input addresses in a wide variety of input formats, or can handle unformatted (single line) input. But you can get more accurate and faster results if your input addresses are consistently formatted and conform to country-specific address conventions.
    The Input request consist of addresses and preferences:
    Table 1.
    Parameter Description Example Value
    preferences Options supported by the Address Geocode Service which includes a variety of settings for match mode, geocode type, candidates returned, fallbacks, offsets, match address elements, ranges information and more.

    maxResults: The maximum number of candidates to return. Optional. Must be an integer value.

    Default = 1.
    addresses List of addresses to be processed.


    Requested address, based on the country's addressing standard.

    Single-line request:

    "10 downing street london SW1A 2AA"

    Multi-line request:


    "LONDON, SW1A 2AA"