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Dynamic Demographics products for Australia, United Kingdom, and Germany (and future roadmap countries) include a range of component data files for each product options:

Boundary files – define the geographic units for which Dynamic Demographics data are built. This includes the Uber hexagonal H3 grid geography and country-specific, small-area, census/administrative geography. Boundary files are included in all product options. Boundary files are provided in WKT format.

Origin-Destination files – measure population flows to a destination hex or administrative area in terms of percentage, dwell time, activity score, and ranking. These product files are included in Options 1 through 3.

Demographic and other characteristics based on origin characteristic data applied to destination flows. This includes age by gender and other country-specific characteristic data. Available characteristics data is different across countries for Options 2 through 4. Refer to the Product Specifications of this product guide for additional information.

Seasonality – measures activity by month in terms of dwell time, activity index, percent of the year’s activity, ranking, activity score. Available only for Australia Option 4.

PreciselyID – available in Dynamic Demographics product options for Australia only. The PreciselyID file is a lookup table between Precisely’s unique PBKEY and the Australian geographic codes (H3 grid geography and census-based SA1 geography). Using this lookup table, various Dynamic Demographics attributes can be joined to addresses that have been assigned a PBKEY.

Refer to the Product Specifications and Product Options sections of this product guide for additional information.