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Data360 DQ+'s Collaboration features allow users to communicate and share external files related to Data Stages. As an added benefit, all collaboration is saved for future reference.

Note: If a user has been granted at least Read rights to a Data Stage, they will be able to use Data360 DQ+'s collaboration features.

Dashboard annotations

The annotations feature allows you to highlight sections of dashboards and add or edit written notes.

For example, if you were viewing a dashboard and you noticed that Total Sales were much lower than average in a certain month, you could use the annotations feature to highlight that month and add a note, such as: "Why were sales so much lower here?"

This annotation would act as both a personal reminder to investigate the situation later, and an inquiry to other Data360 DQ+ users who were Watching the dashboard.

Attaching documents

The documents feature allows you to attach external files to any Data Stage. This allows users to perform file sharing and supplement their Data Stages with more information.

For example, if you were investigating a period of time on a dashboard during which Total Sales were low, you could make an annotation highlighting this time period and making a request for more information. In response, other dashboard watchers could attach sales strategy documents from that time period.

As another example, users unfamiliar with creating Data Stores in Data360 DQ+ could take advantage of the attachment feature to share a file containing data. Another user more familiar with Data Store creation could then download that file to their local computer and use it to create an External Data Store.

Making comments

The comments feature allows you to add written notes to Data Stages.

A comment might be made in response to an annotation, another comment, or an attachment; or, it could simply act as a less specific form of a dashboard annotation.

Comment threads

Data360 DQ+ comments also include a Thread feature, which allows users to view conversation threads in isolation.

To use the Thread feature, toggle on the Threads button, select a thread, and then click the Details button. Doing so will bring up a new window listing all comments within the selected thread.