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Note: To create an external data store, you must have Create Data Store and Write permissions to a pipeline.

An external data store points to data coming into Data360 DQ+ from an external source, allowing for the exploration of virtually any set of data. You can create an external data store by uploading a file directly or by uploading data to an external location and then pointing to that location. This can take the form of uploading a file to an external repository and then pointing to that repository, or pointing to an existing database that contains your data.

  1. Navigate to the pipeline where you want to create the new data store.
  2. Click the menu button to the right of the path where you want to create the data store and select New >Data Store.
  3. In the Create new data store from File dialog, choose whether to create an external data store from a file. To create from a file, select Yes and make the appropriate selections for delimitation.

    When you create a new data store from a file, the file is uploaded to the default repository, and the data store is automatically configured to use the uploaded file contents.

  4. If you selected No in the Create new data store from file dialog, the Details tab is displayed. Enter a name.
  5. Select External for the Store Type.
  6. Select a Store Repository Type. For external data stores, "Store Repository Type" refers to the external location at which your data is stored. See External store repository types.
  7. Configure the remaining settings by working through the tabs that are displayed across the top of the screen. The tabs that are available will vary depending on the selected data store type. See Configuring data stores.

For information on using an external data store as analysis output, see Data Store Output.