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When you drag and drop the Chart or Table icon onto the canvas, the Edit Chart or Table dialog is displayed. Use this dialog to configure your new dashboard dashlet.

Adding fields

The Fields panel contains a list of available dimensions that you can use to add fields to your dashlet.

  1. To view the list of fields, click the arrow next to the dimension name, or double-click anywhere on the dimension name.
  2. To add a small number of fields to the dashlet:
    • Drag and drop the field onto either the x-axis or the y-axis, where you see the text Drag and Drop Fields here.

      When you have added a field to both the x-axis and the y-axis, the chart data is rendered.

    Alternatively, to add a large number of fields:

    1. Click the Configure Dashlet Fields button in the top left corner of the chart area:

      The Dashlet Fields dialog opens, listing all available fields on the left, and selected fields on the right. Use the left and right arrow keys to add or remove fields.

      The fields that you select on the Dimensions tab will be added to the x-axis. Click the Measures tab to populate the y-axis, and the Series tab to populate the z-axis, as required.

      To select multiple fields, press and hold the Ctrl key and click to select fields. Or to select a continuous range of fields, press and hold the Shift key and click to select fields. You can also choose Select All or Select None from the menus in the Available or Selected columns of the Dashlet Fields dialog.

    2. You can reorder fields by using the Move to Top, Move Up, Move Down and Move to Bottom buttons.
    3. When you have finished adding fields, click OK
Note: You can group the dashlets in the dashboard and allow them to show-hide the dashlets and filters placed inside the new collapsible group. This in turn would enable the other dashlets to expand automatically when the collapsible group frame is hidden.

Creating custom fields

As well as the available fields in the dimension, you can create custom fields from the Edit Chart or Table dialog. Complete the following steps to create a new custom field.

  1. In the Custom Fields panel, click Add.
  2. Select a type of custom field:
    • Aggregate - the available aggregates are the same Quick Aggregates that appear when a Measure field is dragged onto the left y-axis of a chart.
    • Window - used to obtain a unique result by applying a function to a "window" of rows in the selected measure field.
    • Computed - allows you to apply Operators and Functions to multiple fields to create customized expressions.
  3. When you have finished configuring the custom field, it is displayed in the Custom Fields panel. You can add the custom field by dragging and dropping into an available chart axis.

Customizing a chart

With the Edit Chart or Table dialog open, you can customize the appearance of a chart and the data that is included in the chart by using the icons in the top right corner of the dialog. For more information, see Creating a dashboard.