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Tip: If you are not yet familiar with how to build a new dashboard, see Building a dashboard.

A Card Dashlet allows you to display multiple Chart and Table Dashlets as a series of cards, as if they were in a physical card index.

You can define activation criteria for the Card Dashlet to determine which chart or table is active and displayed at the top of the index when filtering is performed on the dashboard that contains the card.

Adding, Editing, and Deleting Cards

To add a card to your dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the dashboard.
  2. Click EditEdit Stage.
  3. In the dashboard designer, click the Card icon and drag and drop it into an empty part of the dashboard. A New Card dashlet is created.

After you have added a Card Dashlet to your dashboard, you can use its top toolbar to add, edit, and delete chart and table dashlets.

Charts and tables that you add to a Card dashlet are edited in the same way as when you add them as individual dashlets. For more information about editing charts and tables, see Customizing a chart.

Configuring how Cards are Displayed

To configure how cards are displayed:

  1. Select the Card dashlet
  2. Click the Edit button in the dashboard designer toolbar. The Edit Card dialog is displayed.
  3. Use the Edit Card dialog to define the Activation Field Name and Activation Field Values for each chart and table in the dashlet. Whenever a filter is applied to the dashboard that uses the activation field or values specified for a certain card, that card will be displayed in the Card Dashlet.
Tip: Activation field/values can be applied to a dashboard via filter controls, brush selection, or drilling.

Default Card

Choose a card that will be displayed by default in the card dashlet, without any specific activation field/values applied. If a default card is not defined, the Card Dashlet is displayed as empty.

Activation Field Name and Activation Field Values

These options cause the Card Dashlet's display to swap from one card to another.

  • Activation Field Name - the name of a field from your data source or a statically defined field in a filter control that will cause the card swap to occur.
  • Activation Field Values - the values within the Activation Field that you want to be associated with a particular card and cause it to be displayed.

For example, if you had a card within your Card Dashlet that contained a bar chart displaying measures for a set of customer names, you could choose the CustomerName field as the bar chart's activation field and use the applicable customer names as the bar chart's activation values. Selecting a customer name as a filter for the dashboard would cause the card containing the bar chart to be displayed.

Alternatively, you could use a filter control to define a static field name called ‘Chart Type' and field values such as ‘US Map', ‘Sales Bar Chart', etc. You could then choose ‘Chart Type' as the bar chart's Activation Field Name and ‘Sales Bar Chart' as its Activation Field Value. Selecting ‘Sales Bar Chart' in the dashboard's filter control would cause the card containing the bar chart to be displayed.