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The Edit Restriction tab allows you to restrict which data from a case store certain users will be able to edit in case management. You can apply an expression to environment groups of users and only allow those users to edit certain records.


By default, when no edit restrictions are applied to a case store, all users with Read Data and Change Data permissions to the case store will be able to edit all of its records, using the edit screens that have been designed for the case store. Adding an Edit Restriction will make it so that users in a selected environment group have more limited access to what they can edit.

For example, consider a situation where there is a status field in a case store, containing values such as Open, Closed and In Review, and that we only want users to be able to edit records that have an Open status. Additionally, suppose that there already exists a environment group of users named "Editors" to which we would like to apply this restriction.

To do so, we could create an Edit Restriction with the following expression and apply it to the "Editors" environment group:

status = 'Open'

By default, this Edit Restriction would ensure that whenever users in the "Editors" environment group performed case management on the case store, they would only be able to edit records with an Open status. Users not belonging to the "Editors" environment group would not be able to edit anything.

Once an Edit Restriction with a environment group assignment is applied, the default behavior is that users who are not part of that environment group will not be able to edit any records in the case store. To reverse this behavior, select Allow user to edit all data when there are edit filters but no matching edit filter is found for a user, allowing users who are not part of the edit restriction's environment group to edit all data in the case store.

Using an edit restriction with user profile fields

Alternatively, user Profile Fields may be used with edit restrictions. This type of set up works in a similar way to Using a filter expression with user profile fields with query filters. The only difference would be that the Profile Field look up would control what records users could edit, not which records they could view.