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This section covers how to create a case store of the type Case is not associated with any Record or Stage. This type of case store is intended to support header records only, where header records representing individual cases reside in the case store.

  1. Create the case store:
    1. Select the Details tab and choose the Case is not associated with any Record or Stage case type.
    2. Select the Fields tab and create the appropriate fields for the header records that will be pushed to the case store. It is recommended that you use the Import Fields feature.
    3. Select the Screens tab and create at least one Search Screen and one View/Edit Screen. The Search Screen is used by case workers to search for header records (i.e. cases) within the case store. The View/Edit Screen defines how cases returned by search will be displayed.
    4. Select the Workflow tab and create a workflow. The workflow may include State nodes and Queue nodes. It should not include any Data Store nodes, as internal database data stores are not used with this type of case store.
  2. Build an analysis that pushes header record data to your case store.
    Note: For this type of case store, the analysis will need to include the creation of a new string type field with a value of 'wf-state' for every record. This newly created field should be mapped to the case store output's status field. This will set the initial status of cases within the case stores to what is effectively a null value. This step is not required when working with case stores of the type Case contains record(s) from Data Store(s), as it happens automatically.

At this point, you will have performed all steps necessary to load a case store with header records. You can now execute the analysis that loads the case store.