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Data360 DQ+ environments can be configured to push metadata about their data stages to Data360 Govern.

Once a connection is established, metadata is pushed to Data360 Govern whenever a data stage is created, updated, or deleted.

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Connect to Data360 Govern

  1. From the menu at the top of the screen, select AdminEnvironments.
  2. From the list on the left of the screen, select the environment that you want to integrate with Data360 Govern.
  3. Select the Govern tab to open the settings page.
  4. To configure the connection to Data360 Govern, enter the required Govern Connection Configuration details:
  5. Optionally, enable a proxy connection by entering the Proxy Connection Configuration details:
    • Proxy URL - The URL to the proxy server.
    • Proxy Authentication - Choose the authentication type. Choose from: None, Basic, Digest or AWS. If required, a Proxy Username and Proxy Password can also be specified. If you select AWS, you can also provide an Access Key, Secret Key, and the AWS Service Name.
  6. Click the Test Connection button to test the connection to Data360 Govern.
  7. If the asset types do not exist, the root asset creation controls will be disabled. Select Create Asset Types to create the asset types and relationships.
  8. When the asset types is created, the Root DQ+ Asset dropdown, theNew Root button, and the Business Asset Type for Synonyms dropdown will be enabled. The Create Asset Types button will also be disabled.
  9. Select the Root DQ+ Asset from the dropdown list. The dropdown list is populated when an asset type is created.

    You can also click New Root to create a new Data360 DQ+ asset in Data360 Govern, which if created successfully, appears in the list. Otherwise, a 404 Not Found error is returned.

  10. Save your selection and run Synchronize Now. Optionally, you can set up a regular schedule.

Obtain Data360 Govern API credentials

  1. Sign in to Data360 Govern.
  2. From the Profile menu at the top right of the screen, select API Key.
  3. Copy the value from the Api Key field and save it outside of the application.
  4. Copy the value from the Api Secret field and save it outside of the application.
Note: If you do not have administrator access, you may need to contact your system administrator if the API Key option is not visible in your user profile menu. In some cases, the API credentials that are used to connect may be the credentials for a service account that was created specifically for your integration. In this case, please contact your Precisely representative for more information.

What information is sent to Data360 Govern?

Data360 DQ+ sends metadata to Data360 Govern through a configurable integration. The type of metadata includes data stores, pipelines and paths, the rule library such as type, expression, placeholder name, semantic type identification flag, etc, dashboards and various other details. This integration allows Data360 DQ+ metadata to be automatically associated with Data360 Govern technical assets, which can then in turn link to metadata such as owners, glossary terms, lineage, process diagrams and similar.

Business Asset Type for Synonyms

The system will list those business asset types which have a Grammatic Type Allocation to "Synonym" enabled. You may choose one of those asset types for synonym field name determination. If you do not specify a business asset type explicitly, the system will attempt to find an asset type in Govern with a name "Business Term" or "Business Terms" with or without a leading "Enterprise " and where the B and T may be upper or lower case.