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After an environment group has been assigned to an environment, the next step is to assign roles to the environment group.

An environment group's roles determine which elements of the user interface within a given environment the environment group can see. If no role is assigned to an environment group, users in that environment group will only see the home screen. When a user signs in to the system, or when a user switches environments, the user interface will update based on the role definitions for that environment.

  1. From the menu at the top of the screen, select Admin > Environments.
  2. From the list of environments on the left of the screen, select the environment that contains the environment group to which you want to assign roles.
  3. Click the Roles tab.
  4. Select a Role, then select one or more Environment Groups to assign the selected role to.
  5. When you have finished assigning roles to environment groups, click Save Changes.

This table describes the different roles that are available:

Role Description
Power User Has access to all features. Power Users can access the Admin > Executions menu where they can monitor all executions of jobs they have permissions to.
Case Worker Has access to the Home page and Cases menu. If there are queues defined for a case store, then a case worker will be shown only the queues that they have permissions to. They will not have access to the case store section that shows all search screen definitions.
Case Manager Has access to the Home page and Cases menu. Case managers have access to queues that they have permissions to, and the case store section with all search screens.
Visualization User Has access to the Home page and Dashboards menu.
Visualization Consumer Has access to the Home page and Dashboards menu. They do not have access to create a dashboard or to the visualizer, but they have access to view predefined dashboards.
Environment Manager Has access to a subset of the capabilities of the Admin menu, including Environments, Executions, Schedules, Audit Trail and Reports.
Note: Roles are additive. If a user belongs to more than one role, the user has all of the features available in all of those roles. Users who have system wide administrator permissions are treated like power users irrespective of their role assignments.