Upgrading to the latest version of Data360 Analyze - Data360_Analyze - 3.14

Data360 Analyze Server Installation

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Data360 Analyze
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Data360 Analyze
Data360 Analyze Server Installation
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If you do not have an existing installation of Data360 Analyze, see Downloading and installing Data360 Analyze.


  • Consider turning off any anti-virus software that may interrupt the installation process.

  • If you have specified a custom version of ls.brain.tempDir in the <Data360 Analyze site directory>/cust.prop, remove this line from the <Data360 Analyze site directory>/cust.prop and instead set this as the value of the ls.host.brain.tempDir property in the <Data360 Analyze site directory>/cust.prop file.
  • Locate the value of the ls.lae.shareRootDir property in the <Data360 Analyze site directory>/cust.prop and set this as the value of the ls.host.lae.shareRootDir property in the <Data360 Analyze site directory>/cust.prop. Remove the line for the ls.lae.shareRootDir from the <Data360 Analyze site directory>/cust.prop. Note that failing to update the property in the cust.prop and remove the entry from the cust.prop will only cause a problem if you are intending on using execution sandboxing and you are either on Windows or have changed the location from the default.
  • Ensure that you have enough space available for the Postgres database upgrade. During upgrade, Postgres requires 1.5 times the disk space of the current Postgres database size.

Breaking changes

  • The Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver shipped with the installation has been upgraded from 9.X to 12.X. Note that the default for the 12.X drivers is to have TLS enabled. To disable TLS set the DBOptions property on the JDBC related nodes to encrypt=false. If using a self-signed certificate for SQL Server, DBOptions will need to be set to trustServerCertificate=true
  • The MariaDB driver has been upgraded from 2.7.X to 3.3.X. There are a number of changes to the JDBC URL parameters. The 2.7.X version is still shipped with the product as it is still supported by the MariaDB project and it can be made the default version used by the Data360 Analyze installation. However, the 2.7.X version will be End Of Life in 2025, and at that point will no longer be supported by Data360 Analyze.