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The results of a data flow can be exported or published to a variety of destinations, including output files, email, databases and other platforms, such as SharePoint, QlikView and Tableau.

The final step in this example is to export the results of our revenue analysis to a CSV file.

  1. Following on from the previous steps in Summarizing data, locate the Output Delimited node from the Publishing category in the Nodes panel and drag it onto the canvas:
  2. Connect the node up to the "Revenue Analysis" node.
  3. In the Properties panel, click the folder icon for the File property and browse to the My Folder location on the server.
  4. Enter the filename 'revenueAnalysis.csv' for the output file.
  5. Hover over the other property labels for a description of what those properties do, and what their default values are.
  6. You will notice that the default value for the Field Delimiter is the tab character. We want to use a comma instead, so enter a comma as the value for this property.
  7. Run the node.
  8. Choose Download data file from the server from the toolbar and browse to locate the file created.
    Note: Your system may have been set up to prevent data from being downloaded from the server for security reasons. In this case, the Download data file from the server button will be disabled.
  9. Choose Download to download the file using your web browser. You can then open the file to view it. If you double-click on the file and have Excel on your machine, it will likely open in Excel. You could also right-click and choose OpenWith > Wordpad to view the raw file contents.
  10. Save your final data flow.
  11. Click the Exit to Directory button in the top left of the screen to return back to your My Documents folder.