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Note: By default, the heap size is set to 8GB. This is the recommended setting for all editions of Data360 Analyze Server. However, if needed, you can adjust the Java heap size.

Adjusting Java heap space on Windows Server

  1. Run Windows Command Prompt as an Administrator.
  2. Change the directory to <Data360Analyze installation directory>\tomcat\bin
  3. Type the following command, where Tomcat web server is replaced with the name of the Data360 Analyze Tomcat service listed in the Windows Services dialog:

    tomcat9w.exe //ES//<Tomcat web server>

    For example: tomcat9w.exe //ES//Data360Analyze-7731-TomcatServer3.1.0-8080

  4. From the Properties dialog, select the Java tab, then edit the Maximum memory pool number as required. Click Apply.
  5. Restart the Tomcat service for the changes to take effect, see Starting and stopping the [%=GeneralProduct%] Server.

Adjusting Java heap space on Linux

  1. Edit the <Data360Analyze installation directory>/tomcat/bin/ file.
  2. Restart the Data360 Analyze server for the changes to take effect, see Starting and stopping the [%=GeneralProduct%] Server.

Increasing the heap space for Java-based nodes

  1. To increase the heap space for an individual Java-based node, select the node on the canvas.
  2. In the JvmMaxHeapSize property, specify the maximum heap size of the JVM instance that runs the node.

    On some nodes, for example the Sort node, the JvmMaxHeapSize property is displayed by default. You can find this property in the Common property group.

    If you don't see the JvmMaxHeapSize property by default, click the Properties panel menu button and select Show Hidden Properties:

    Hidden properties

    The default value is 2048M.

Alternatively, you can set the heap size at the server level to be inherited by all Java-based nodes, as follows:

  1. Navigate to the "cust.prop" file located at:

    <Data360Analyze site configuration directory>/conf/cust.prop

  2. Open the cust.prop file and add the following text on a new line, replacing <heap size> with the required value.<heap size>

    For example: