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All users have the default My Folders view, which shows the user their private My Documents folder and the shared Public Documents.

The All Folders tab is only available to users with the role of Administrator and allows these users to browse the full folder structure of the application and determine which top-level folders to make available to users and groups. Within the All Folders tab is a User Documents folder. In a similar fashion to operating systems such as Windows, each user's My Documents folder is actually an alias to a subfolder in the User Documents location, and this is the user's home directory.

Administrators can create and maintain folders inside the User Documents folder, allowing them to perform administration tasks such as moving or deleting documents from a user's folder if they leave the organization, or reassigning documents from one user to another.

Changing a user's home directory

By default, a user's home directory is located in the User Documents folder and is named with their username. Administrators can change the location of a user's home directory as follows:

  1. From the Directory, select Users.

    A list of all users is displayed in the center of the screen. The first user in the list is selected by default.

  2. Select a user from the list.

    Further information about the selected user is displayed in the details panel.

  3. From the details panel, click the Edit button.

    The Edit User dialog opens.

  4. Click the folder icon in the Home Directory property to modify the user's home directory. You can choose any folder in the system.

When the user signs in, their My Documents folder will point to the specified home directory folder.