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Administrators can view and manage imported and local users and groups in the Data360 Analyze Directory. See Directory user interface for more details.

Viewing users and groups

  • Users - contains all local and imported users.
  • Groups - contains all local and imported groups.

My Folders and All Folders

All users have the default view My Folders, which shows the user their private My Documents folder and the shared Public Documents.

The All Folders tab (available only to users with the role of Administrator) allows you to browse the full folder structure of the application and determine which top-level folders to make available to users and groups.

Create users and groups

From the Create menu, you can create new local users and groups.

Select users and groups

Users or groups in the selected collection are listed in the center of the screen, showing the name of the user or group and when it was created. You can select a user or group from this list to show further details.

Edit and delete users and groups

The Details panel shows further information about the selected user or group. From the Details panel you can Edit or Delete a user or group, and you can change a user's password.

Note: After installation, you are assigned the following default user credentials:Username - adminPassword - welcomeWhen a user with the role of Administrator has been created, they can remove the default 'admin' / 'welcome' user from the system. If all admin users are removed, when the web application server is restarted, the 'admin' / 'welcome' user is recreated to ensure that the system always has an administrator.

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