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You can manage privacy and security settings from the Directory by selecting Settings > Privacy and Security.

Configuring the timeout period

If you are an administrator, you can set the period of inactivity after which a lock screen is displayed, requiring a user to sign in again to continue using the application:

  1. From the Directory, select Settings > Privacy and Security.
  2. In the Session lock field, specify after how many minutes of inactivity the lock screen should be shown.
  3. Click the Apply Changes button.

By default, there is no session lock timeout, indicated by a value of zero.

When a user signs back in to the application via the lock screen, they will be able to resume their work from where they left off. If you have enabled SSO, the user session will be validated against the CA Single Sign-On web agent. If the user session is no longer valid, the user will be returned to the SSO login page.

Note: If you are accessing Data360 Analyze via the API, there is a session timeout period of four hours, after which you will need to sign in again to continue working with the application. This period of time is fixed for API users and cannot be changed.
Note: The application sets a cookie expiry of 8 hours. Once this time period has been reached, the user will be required to re-authenticate, when using the user interface. This setting is not configurable.

Configuring node log download permissions

If you are an administrator, you can download node logs and data which can be used for troubleshooting errors, or for sharing with support. You can choose whether non-admin users also have the ability to download node logs and data:

  1. From the Directory, select Settings > Privacy and Security.
  2. Set the permission level for non-admin users by selecting one or both of the following options:
    • Node Logs - Allows non-admin users to download diagnostic information, including node logs, error logs and execution logs.
    • Data - Allows non-admin users to download data flows with node input and output data. This option also controls whether non-admin users can export data to CSV from the data viewer, and whether they have the option to download a file from the server.

    If you do not select either option, non-admin users will not have the required permission to download node logs or data.

  3. Click the Apply Changes button.

For more information on viewing and downloading node logs, see Troubleshooting errors.