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When a user starts to edit a document, it is locked for other users, so that two people cannot concurrently work on it. However, documents can remain locked if, for example, if the user exits their browser for whatever reason, without first closing what they are working on.

If you are an administrator, you can see and unlock documents, although you should note that any unsaved changes that the user made will be lost.

Viewing locked documents

Do the following:

  • In the Folders panel, click ALLFOLDERS, then Locked Documents.

    The list of all locked documents, organized in user edit sessions display, if any are available.

    Note: Rarely, a single data flow can have multiple document edit sessions. If this is the case, a row for each session appears in the list.

Unlocking a document

You can unlock one or more documents as follows:

  1. Select the required document.

    The following document information is displayed in the Details panel:

    • The path and name of the document.
    • The user that has a lock applied to the document.
    • The date and time the document was last saved.
    • The date and time of the last unsaved changes.
  2. Click Unlock, positioned at the top of the panel, above the document information.

    A dialog displays that:

    • Asks you to confirm that you want to unlock the document.
    • Lists the name of the user who will lose the unsaved changes that were made within the period shown.
    • Displays a checkbox that enables you to also save a copy of the document, with any unsaved changes, if selected.
  3. Select the checkbox if required, and click Unlock Document.

    If you select the checkbox, you are asked for the name and location of the copied document, before clicking the button.

    The document is deleted from the edit session of the user concerned and the list of locked documents, making it available for another user to edit.

  4. If you want to unlock other documents, repeat steps 1 to 3.