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Many of the Input Connector nodes allow you to import data into your data flow from a file. In order for Data360 Analyze to import data from files, these files must be present on the application server. This means that you must upload these files from your computer to the server. Similarly, many of the Output Connector nodes will write output data to a file, allowing you to share and use results from your analysis in further processes. In order to view a file created by an Output Connector node, you must first download the file from the application server onto your own machine, where you can then open the file. See Uploading data to the server and Downloading data from the server.

By default, all users can download files, and the default directory that the upload / download feature points to is: <Data360 Analyze site configuration directory>/shared

These upload / download settings are stored in the cust-host-paths.prop file which is located at in the following directory:

<Data360 Analyze site configuration directory>/cust-host-paths.prop

In the cust-host-paths.prop file, you can edit the property values to modify these upload / download settings, as required (shown in red below):

Property Description


By default, all end users can download files. To disable the ability to download files, set this property to false.

ls.host.lae.shareRootDir="<Data360 Analyze site configuration directory>/shared"

Directory that the upload / download feature points to i.e. the location to which files are uploaded, and the location from which files are downloaded.

This location is also the only directory that is available when you browse to a file using the node file picker.