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The availability of the following new features, enhancements and corrected issues is dependent on the installed edition of the product and licensed features.

What's new

Execution sandboxing with Docker (server only)

A new security feature has been added to enable you to hold each user's execution data within their own sandboxed Docker execution container.

Note that the securityStore.jks file is now located in the keystores directory in your site folder, for example C\:/Users/<<user>>/Data360Analyze/site-7731/keystores

This new feature only applies to the server edition of the product and is not applicable to the desktop edition of the product.

For more information, see Enabling execution sandboxing.

SharePoint 365 nodes

Two new SharePoint 365 nodes have been added in this release:

  • Download for SharePoint 365 - Downloads files from a specified SharePoint 365 server using the SharePoint API.
  • List for SharePoint 365 - Lists the contents of a SharePoint 365 document library or folder using the SharePoint API.

These nodes integrate with SharePoint 365 online.

For more information, see Download for SharePoint 365 and List for SharePoint 365.

Threshold Test node

The Threshold Test node has been superseded. The existing node is still available for backwards compatibility, and is now named Threshold Test (Superseded), but where possible it is recommended that you use the new Threshold Test node. The functionality of the node has not changed.

The Threshold Test node identifies records which, when a running aggregate is calculated, exceed a designated threshold.

For more information, see Threshold Test.

Other changes

  • The Spring Framework version has been upgraded to 5.3.18 to prevent CVE-2022-22965.
  • Updated the third party component jackson-databind to prevent CVE-2020-36518.

Data360 Analyze Command-Line Interface

For information on the latest release of Data360 Analyze CLI, see the Help pages here.

Corrected issues

Issue summary

Issue number
Fixed an issue where it was not possible to import nested groups from Active Directory. LAE-27244
Fixed an issue that prevented the Privacy and Security settings panel from being displayed when using a free version of the product and when using a custom overridden license. LAE-27692
Fixed an issue that prevented the Edit Library Paths dialog from opening in some cases. LAE-27980
Fixed an issue that prevented you from adding run dependencies to top level composite nodes. LAE-22408
Fixed an issue where a context menu was incorrectly displayed when right-clicking on a composite run dependency. LAE-25594
Fixed an issue where the leaf node designer was used instead of the composite node designer when creating new nodes based on a composite node. LAE-27729