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The availability of the following new features, enhancements and corrected issues is dependent on the installed edition of the product and licensed features.

What's new

New Metadata for Salesforce node

The new Metadata for Salesforce node fixes a number of issues that were present in the now superseded Data360 Metadata for Salesforce node.

For more information, see Metadata for Salesforce.

New canvas alignment features

A new Smart Guide feature has been added to the data flow designer, enabling you to easily align items on the canvas. For example, selecting and dragging a node to another node that you want to align it with will display a guide and the node will snap into place. You can align items vertically or horizontally using the Smart Guide feature.

Additionally, a new align and distribute feature has been added which allows you to uniformly distribute items in a horizontal and vertical direction on the canvas.

For more information, see Aligning nodes.

Performance improvements

The performance of the Database Metadata node has been significantly improved when working with large databases when no table filtering is used.

Other changes

  • The deprecated DrixDoc node has been removed from Data360 Analyze.
  • The Database Profiler node can now source ProfileMode, CatalogFilter, SchemaFilter and TableViewFilter properties from incoming fields.
  • RedShift external tables can now be profiled using the Database Profiler and Database Metadata nodes.
  • Holding the shift key and pressing the arrow key to move an element by one pixel has been removed, to facilitate easier alignment with the snap to grid functionality.
  • Added support for data virtuality to JDBC Metadata and JDBC Profiler nodes.
  • The documentation has been updated to include details of additional authentication options when connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server database. For more information, see Acquiring data from a database.
  • A number of third-party libraries have been updated to benefit from the latest security updates.

Data360 Analyze Command-Line Interface

For information on the latest release of Data360 Analyze CLI, see the Help pages here.

Corrected issues

Issue summary

Issue number
Fixed an issue that prevented nodes from remaining where they were dropped on the canvas. LAE-23481

Fixed the following issues in the Data360 Update for Salesforce node:

  • Fixed an issue where the ID was not included in the batch update sent to Salesforce if the DataFields property did not contain an ID field. As a result, Salesforce could not process the records, as they had no ID.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the node to fail processing if the IdField referenced an input field with a name different to "Id".
Fixed an issue that prevented you from accessing the Data360 Analyze application if a node had restricted permissions. LAE-27295
Fixed an issue where run property values were not showing in the directory, when viewing a run state produced by an Execute Data Flow node. LAE-27392
Fixed an issue where unlimited user sessions in the license was not working correctly. LAE-27445
Fixed an issue where you could not see or run a node that you have access to, if there was another node on the canvas to which you did not have access. LAE-27467
Fixed an issue where data would not load, if you attempted to open the pop-up data viewer in a scheduled run. LAE-27556
Fixed a security issue by updating the log4j-core library to version 2.17.0, which patches the security vulnerabilities found in previous log4j libraries, addressing both CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046.




Fixed an issue that resulted in adding support for profiling external tables in RedShift. LAE-27635
Fixed an issue where it was not possible to import nested groups from Active Directory. LAE-27244
Fixed an issue that caused invalid LNAs to generate a NullPointerException on import. LAE-27781
Fixed an issue that in some cases prevented the Merge, Join and Lookup nodes from working correctly. LAE-27763
Fixed an issue where it was sometimes not possible to resize a text box on the canvas. LAE-27796
Fixed an issue where it was possible to move items on the canvas when a data flow was opened in read only mode. LAE-27699
Fixed an issue where user overridden run property values were not used when the data flow ran on a schedule. LAE-27689
Fixed an issue with the data viewer where viewing data in a pop-out window led to an error when the pop-out window was closed. LAE-27670
Fixed an issue with the Excel File node where it would sometimes fail when reading numeric data when the DetectFieldTypes property was set to false. LAE-27451
Fixed an issue in the Data360 Update for Salesforce node, where the node would fail in update mode with an index out of bounds issue if the specified id field was not named Id and was not the first field on the input data set. LAE-27717
Fixed an issue where the Query for Salesforce node would fail on some Unicode characters. LAE-27716
Fixed an issue where a non admin user could not successfully "Convert to library" a selected number of nodes from within a data flow. LAE-27820