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The availability of the following new features, enhancements and corrected issues is dependent on the installed edition of the product and licensed features.

What's new

Added filtering options to Filter and Split nodes, and the Data Viewer

Extended filtering options have been added to the Filter and Split nodes, as well as the Data Viewer. As a result, you can now filter string and unicode field types for blank and whitespace values, to more readily clean your data.

Other changes

  • Calculate Fields expressions can now have values from previous rows with the same name in the expression grid.
  • Data360 Analyze now runs on Java 11.
  • A number of third-party libraries have been updated to benefit from the latest security fixes.

Corrected issues

Issue summary

Issue number
Fixed an issue so that failed nodes will now correctly report the number output records and output metadata. LAE-10734
Fixed an issue with the Sort node so it carries out stable sorting. LAE-23353
Fixed an issue that resulted in adding a new IgnoreSurroundingSpaces property to the Output CSV/Delimited node. This allows the user to control whether input values which have a leading and/or trailing white space, are included in the output or not. LAE-25704
Fixed an issue with moving nodes into composites, where sometimes the moved items would end up in strange locations within the target composite. LAE-26109
Fixed an issue to ensure the joinStrings function, used in the Transform and Aggregate nodes, gets correctly reset on each group start. LAE-26366
Fixed an issue where NoSuchElementExceptions could occasionally appear during data flow compilation. LAE-27239
Fixed an issue that would cause occasional compilation errors, when attempting to execute nodes. LAE-27286
Fixed an issue where hovering over a pin, didn't highlight the destination pin correctly. LAE-27287
Fixed an issue in the Query for Salesforce node, where certain properties, such as the proxy and retry sets, were not functioning as expected. LAE-27341
Fixed an issue where the Output Excel node was reporting a missing classpath warning. LAE-27343
Fixed an issue with the Filter and Split node, which meant data did not clear after carrying out advanced editing. LAE-27345