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The availability of the following new features, enhancements and corrected issues is dependent on the installed edition of the product and licensed features.

Parquet - ADLS Data Lake File Metadata Reader

Azure Data Lake Storage List node now has the ability to identify file types by choosing the "Identification" option on the "MetadataMode" property,

The node can also harvest metadata from both CSV and Parquet files by choosing the "Structure" option from the "MetadataMode" property.

New Filtering options are also available on the node to allow the user to include or exclude certain files or directories.

SharePoint 365 Nodes

A new method of filtering has been added in the Download for SharePoint, List for SharePoint and Delete for SharePoint 365 nodes that allow for file/ folder retrieval based on values entered in the new properties:

  • FileName
  • FileNameMatchingCriteria:
  • Equals
  • StartsWith

All SharePoint 365 Nodes nodes now have three new output fields _SitePath, _DocumentLibrary and _Folder, which, along with _FileName allow users to connect to a downstream SharePoint 365 node using the _from field property options to drive what gets listed/downloaded/deleted/uploaded etc...

The following properties are deprecated:

  • Pattern property on Download for SharePoint, List for SharePoint and Deleted for Sharepoint nodes
  • We recommend using the new FilaName and FileNameMatchingCriteria properties instead, which will give you stable and predictable results
  • ResourcePath property on the Download for SharePoint node
  • ServerPath property on the Upload for SharePoint Node, its functionality replaced by the new FolderPath property

Additionally, on the Upload for SharePoint Node, the Input group was replaced with 2 new groups:

  • Source group that will contain the LocalPath and Pattern properties
  • Target group that will contain the FolderPath ( a new property replacing ServerPath) , ServerPath (deprecated and hidden) , SharePointUrl, SitePath, and Document Library properties

The nodes output a _ServerRelativeUrl field, this is being marked as deprecated and will be removed in a future feature release, as it currently provides inconsistent results between listed folders and files.

Other changes

  • The Database Profiler now supports profiling of Azure Synapse databases.
  • The TERR version used by Statistical and Predictive Analytics Nodes is upgraded to version 6.0.3. Note that while these nodes will work as before, scripts and packages used by the Power R may have to be updated.

Corrected issues

Issue summary

Issue number
Fixes an issue where you are not able to select text in the code editor when the Review tab is selected LAE-30859
Fixes an issue whereby Govern paging in the HTTP node would fail if the response that no items. LAE-30865
Fixes an issue whereby the user received a permission denied error when they have selected "Search Sub-Folders" when Editing Library Paths for a data flow and they do not have access to the sub folder. LAE-30873
Fixes an issue where the Scheduled Run Cleanup process could hang if a scheduled run was locked. LAE-30880


Fixed an issue where when using execution sandboxing where the execution containers could be brought down by the container cleanup task immediately after they were created. This was especially a problem when a schedule which brought up the container would start at the same time as the container cleanup task. LAE-31011
Fixed an issue where issues on scheduld runs could occassionally result in deadlocks. LAE-31381
Fixes an issue whereby property definitions for properties in a group were hidden but not deleted when the group was deleted. LAE-31383
Fixes an issue whereby the adhoc runs clean up process could hang and prevent system backups from taking place. LAE-31385
Fixes an issue whereby data flows that had been unlocked but not executed after unlocking could not be opened after upgrading to 3.12.0 or 3.12.1. LAE-31403
Fixes an issue where an authorized user could access restricted parent directories when uploading, downloading or listing files. LAE-31420
Fixes an issue whereby if jython nodes which were executed within the node container failed early on in their processing (e.g. compilation failure on the script in ConfigureFields in a Transform node), they were not releasing the file descriptors for the temporary data files (input and output) meaning that these temporary data files could not be deleted until the node container was restarted. LAE-31449
Application now displays a user friendly message when unable to export because you don't have access to all dependencies. LAE-31451
Fixes an issue where when moving a canvas element on a composite library node within a composite, the element would return to its original position. LAE-31458
Ensures that the laeConfig commands to enable and disable execution sandboxing work correctly after HTTPS has been enabled. Fixes an issue where execution sandboxing would not work correctly in all cases when the hostname used for the webapp required an entry in the hosts file and was not resolvable without that entry. LAE-31520
Fixes copy to clipboard function on Node Log dialog LAE-31522
Fixes an issue whereby the run state associated with a data flow would be lost if it was run while the data flow was in an edited state and then saved as a new data flow. LAE-31537
Fixed an issue with the SharePoint 365 nodes, where paged results were not all being retrieved. LAE-31538
Fixed an issue where issues on scheduld runs could occassionally result in deadlocks. LAE-31556
Fixed an issue where the Database Profiler node would sometimes report NullPointerExceptions when no regular expression could be determined for a column being profiled. LAE-31697
Fixes an issue where changes to the Home Directory of imported LDAP users are not being persisted. LAE-31724

Known issues

Legacy C++ based nodes

Legacy nodes which are built upon the C++ technology, on a Windows installation of Analyze, are unable to deal with files where there is a long file path. For example, the superseded "CSV File" node will throw an error when trying to acquire data from a file which is situated within a long path on the Windows file system.

In this scenario, users are recommended to move their file up a number of folder levels, in order to ensure the node can successfully read it.

Third Party library upgrades

A number of 3rd party libraries and components have been upgraded to take advantages of the latest features and security updates:

  • Java -
  • Postgres - 13.11
  • ICU - 73.2 (Linux only)
  • OpenSSL 1.1.1u (Linux only)