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This document provides release information for all releases of Data360 Analyze from version 3.9.0 onwards. If you require release information for an older version of Data360 Analyze, please contact us at

For information on installing Data360 Analyze, please see the installation guide. Once you are up and running, you can access the integrated product help by clicking the Help button, positioned towards the top right-hand corner of the screen.

The availability of the following new features, enhancements and corrected issues is dependent on the installed edition of the product and licensed features.

Other changes

  • Cached resolution entry was incorrectly used when virtual nodes inheriting all attributes from an instance in a library composite were updated leading to incorrect results.
  • Improved user interaction performance when the Smart Guides are enabled.
  • Upgraded a number of third party libraries to take advantage of any new features and security fixes.
  • Improved UI performance when using the application over an extended period of time.

Corrected issues

Issue summary

Issue number
Fixed an issue where the javaException information is missing from the node error log dialog. LAE-30460
When the interactive run cleanup was configured to only cleanup temporary data only, temporary data and logs from failed nodes was not getting cleaned up. This has been fixed so that data from failed nodes will also be cleaned up on the interactive run cleanup. LAE-30625
Ensures that the tasks for cleaning up scheduled and interactive runs are tolerant in the face of errors. Previously, the run cleanup would be aborted if the cleanup task encountered invalid data flow search paths. Now this issue will be logged, however will not prevent cleanup of unrelated run data. Rather than one big transaction, the cleanup operation has also been modified to commit its changes in batches to ensure that if there is a large backlog of execution runs to cleanup (for example due to the issue of bad data flow search paths causing the cleanup to be aborted) this will not cause issues with the transaction size getting too large. LAE-30626
Fixed a number of memory leaks in the application UI. LAE-30656
Fixes an issue whereby the upgrade fails if it was previously upgraded from a 3.8.5 or earlier to 3.10.x. LAE-30687
Fixes an issue where the connections between nodes were not showing in the UI. LAE-30689
Fixed issue where changes to library paths were not always being correctly respected after saving the data flow or library node on which the paths were changed. LAE-30765
Fixed an issue where the javaException information is missing from the node error log dialog. LAE-30800