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This document provides release information for all releases of Data360 Analyze from version 3.9.0 onwards. If you require release information for an older version of Data360 Analyze, please contact us at

The availability of the following new features, enhancements and corrected issues is dependent on the installed edition of the product and licensed features.

What's new

Save ad-hoc runs of your Data Flow

New collaboration feature, allowing users to save their ad-hoc runs of Data Flows into the Directory and share the results with other Analyze users.

Execution Data Sandboxing on Windows

Issues with the Execution Data Sandboxing feature on Windows have been fixed, such that the feature will now work correctly when Analyze components are installed across different Windows drives. For example: Analyze installed onto an I: drive, the "site" installed onto S: drive, the temporary execution data installed onto T: drive, and the "data" installed onto D: drive. In order to support these fixes, when Execution Sandboxing is enabled on Windows, the file system locations for the data, site, temporary execution and shared data directories in the containers may be different than the locations on the host system. Similarly, the controlling Analyze server that the web application communicates with will be run within a container on windows when execution sandboxing is enabled on Windows.

Security Vault

A new security vault feature has been introduced, allowing users to connect their Analyze instance to an Azure Key Vault to safely store and retrieve both the Analyze database and keystore passwords.

New Code Editor

New code editor available for users when editing code or script on nodes including input field code completion, search, and find and replace.

ADLS List node improvements

New features of the ADLS List node including file type detection and CSV field metadata detection.

Other changes

  • Upgraded Apache Tomcat to version 9.0.70
  • Configuration changed on Linux such that the latest tag is used in the Dockerfile for retrieving the base image when using execution containers.
  • Keeping the docker image used for execution sandboxing up-to date has been made easier with a new laeConfig command.

Corrected issues

Issue summary

Issue number
Fixed a number of help links from various nodes. LAE-29955
Improved debug logging for network errors when using the HTTP node. LAE-29810
Fixes an issue whereby the upgrade could fail when run property sets with parent run property sets have been defined in Analyze. LAE-29775

Fixed an issue where in properties with a File chooser widget, the UI was previously displaying the selected paths with a substitution of the ls.lae.shareRootDir, but persisting the property values with an absolute file path and auto-converting user-typed file paths using that property substitution into an absolute file path.

Fixes an issue where Analyze could not start up correctly if the user directories specified at installation contained spaces. LAE-30182
Fixed an issue when generating a Filter node from the Data Viewer where the node would fail when being run. LAE-30184
Fixes and issue whereby a non-Admin user could not copy and clear a run state for a data flow. LAE-30191
Fixes the unwanted 'Changes that you made may not be saved.' dialog when you refresh the directory page after discarding data flow edits. LAE-30492
Fixed an issue where, under certain conditions, a failed scheduled Data Flow was not reporting any errors when a user would open the run. LAE-29583
Fixes bug that prevents data viewer opening when field names contain quotes. LAE-29797
Fixed an issue with Data Flow properties, where if one was created and had a value and the group it was in was then deleted, it would not show up as an unresolved property. LAE-29910
Fixes an issue whereby the Analyze Desktop does not start if the JRE_HOME environment variable is set to a Java version other than 11. LAE-29850
When installing using the multi-user install instructions on Linux, the permissions for the <site-dir>/shared/Public folder were set incorrectly and dataflows were not able to write to the directory. LAE-29847
Fixes an issue whereby profiling certain columns and certain tables would result in an error in the Detailed Analysis field on the node's detail output: "No value for: 'limitgroups'." LAE-29978
Fixes an issue whereby the LDAP Authentication Settings are corrupted if the password field is empty when the settings are updated. LAE-30021
Fixes an issue in the Excel files whereby for XLSX files on some shared network drives, permissions were required for the full path to the file itself and not just the file and its container directory. LAE-30003
Fixed an issue when upgrading Analyze on Windows, the Tomcat service would not always be removed correctly during the uninstall part of the upgrade. LAE-29440
Fixed an issue where the system would report an error when a user tried to set a property value to {{^}} LAE-30173
Added in connection retries to the Database Metadata node when connecting to Azure Synapse, to overcome connection closed issues. LAE-30014
When the webapp is creating temporary files for download (e.g. when using the "Export to CSV" option in the data viewer), these are now created in a temp folder in the site directory on linux rather than in the installation directory. When running using a multi-user deployment, this directory is then assigned the correct group ownership and permissions and fixes an issue whereby CSV export did not work on linux when the installation was configured for a multi-user deployment. LAE-30422
Fixed an issue in the Database Metadata node which caused errors and incorrect results when run against objects which contained special characters such as "_" on a Synapse database LAE-30441
The Execute Data Flow node was not working on desktop installations. This has been fixed. LAE-30465

Security Consideration

CORS is not enabled on the Analyze application, therefore cross-origin requests are prevented by default from the browsers same-origin policy. There is no requirement for the Analyze application to accept cross-origin requests, and resources are protected by strict same-site cookie based authentication, therefore CORS is not enabled.

Deprecation notice

As of 3.12.0 the following nodes will be marked as deprecated, with a view to removal in a future Analyze release. These nodes will remain deprecated yet available for the duration of 3.12.x:

Output Tableau (Superseded)

Due to the drop in support of the underlying Tableau SDK that is used by the node, and the issues seen when running the node to upload .tde files to a Tableau server in a Linux Analyze environment (see "Known Issues" section), this node is being deprecated as of the 3.12.0 release, with a view to removal in the future 3.14.0 release.

Customers are recommended to move to using the newer "Output Tableau" and "Upload Tableau" nodes which use the .hyper file format.

Python2 based nodes

The following Python2 based nodes have been deprecated, with a view to removal in a later release:

  • Dummy Input (Superseded)
  • Fixed Format File (Superseded)
  • Trim Fields (Superseded)
  • URL Query Builder(Superseded)
  • Output Delimited (Superseded)
  • Output Fixed (Superseded)
  • Output HTML (Superseded)
  • Output XML (Superseded)
  • Python