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This document provides release information for all releases of Data360 Analyze from version 3.9.0 onwards. If you require release information for an older version of Data360 Analyze, please contact us at

The availability of the following new features, enhancements and corrected issues is dependent on the installed edition of the product and licensed features.

What's new

New 'endpoint' option available on S3 nodes

Introduced a new property EndPoint on all S3 nodes. This feature enables you to optionally specify the URL endpoint to connect to other system services.

For more information, see S3 Get, S3 List, S3 Delete, and S3 Put.

Other changes

  • Improved directory picker available throughout the application. For Example, you can create folders while saving documents into the directory.
  • Tomcat Server is upgraded to 9.0.68.
  • Added max-age and expiry attributes to Session Cookie.
  • In Sharepoint 365 nodes, introduced support via a new property to allow connecting to Sharepoint 'team' sites created under /teams rather than /sites.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the responses did not contain the Strict-Transport-Security header when HTTPS was configured.
  • Introduces an enhancement to the User Lookup Query field in SAML-SSO configuration to allow the lookup query to reference the user profile email address. For example emailAddress==${username} will match the SAML uid to the email address in the Analyze user profile.
  • Ensured that xlsx files generated by the Output Excel node will only use Zip64 by default. This resolves compatibility issues whereby xlsx files generated by the node could not be correctly read by other software products (for example, Power BI).
  • Introduced an ability for licenses to be validated against processors not just CPU cores.
  • Fixed an issue whereby if multiple executions began simultaneously as the first runs after a server restart, the executions could result in errors stating "Multiple elements are in the collection" due to a race condition. This error would then reoccur on all executions until a subsequent restart.
  • The upgrade installation process has been improved by ensuring that server.xml, web.xml & cacerts keystore are maintained between upgrades. Examples of when you might change these files are while Configuring HTTPS or while Importing SSL certificates for use with certain nodes.
  • Introduced a new property in the Execution Sandbox ls.brain.server.docker.mounts allows the user to configure access to file locations other than the locations restricted to the Execution Sandbox.
  • Changed the default value of "CreateFileFromAbsolutePath" property on the "Archive Compress" node to "false".

Corrected issues

Issue summary

Issue number
Fixed an issue whereby it was not possible to upgrade from version 3.4.3 of Analyze. LAE-28348
Fixed CVE-2022-42889 "Text4 Shell" vulnerability in Apache Commons Text. LAE-29469
Fixed an issue whereby the Category field in the Library Node editor occasionally failed to update once the changes were made. LAE-29297
Fixed an issue in the URL Query Builder node whereby it was not possible to specify the same name for URLField and URLOutputField properties when PassThroughFields mode was set to "Used" (the default value). LAE-29328
Fixed an issue whereby it was not possible to uninstall a multi-user installation of Analyze without manually changing file permissions first. LAE-28777
Fixed the satisfy all groups/ satisfy any group drop down selection for Split node LAE-29536
Fixed the errors in cut and copy operation of composite nodes that show error in UI instead of failing silently. LAE-29325
Fixed an issue in the filter node, where date picker widget popup and a date value window compete for space, and the application is incorrectly drawing date value window topmost, obscuring and rendering unusable top-right portion of the widget. LAE-29039
Fixed an issue whereby users with long user names could not execute data flows in the Execution Sandbox configuration of Analyze. LAE-29195
Fixed an issue whereby when docker is configured to use execution containers on windows server, the docker network used was destroyed on restart of the windows instance. LAE-28936
Fixed an issue where the type mismatch between inputs and sort fields of a Sort node generates an uncaught error and prevent the node from rendering properly. LAE-29689

For information on previous releases, see Release history.