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This release includes a number of features that were introduced in the 3.9.X releases, including execution sandboxing with Docker (server only) and new canvas alignment features.

ERP nodes to handle the max row count

The Extract ERP Table node will allow you to set the MaxRowCount that limits the number of rows retrieved when no RowCount is specified.

The RowCount property is used to limit the rows, however, if the SAP system does not allow for the default (2147483647) number of rows, the property can be "unhidden" then set on the node or set server-wide via adding a line in the cust.prop to: ls.brain.node.erp.sapconnector.extractTable.maxRowCount=<maxRowCountValue>

xecution sandboxing with Docker (server only)

Execution sandboxing is a new security feature that enables you to secure user access to data file locations on the server. Through provisioning of Docker execution containers on a per user basis, users will only have access to their own file upload location, their own temporary execution data location, and the shared file upload location, ensuring that users cannot access each others data files.

For more information, see Enabling execution sandboxing.

Note: When using Docker execution containers, nodes can only access "My Folder", "Public" and temporary file storage locations. Other file system locations, including mapped drives, are not currently available. Note that renaming a user would cause their "My Folder" location to become inaccessible. Before renaming a user, ensure that they have first copied their data into the Public folder, or have downloaded it from the server. Following the name change, they can upload their data to their new My Folder location. "My Folder" and "Public" are accessible via the upload and download buttons on the toolbar. These are Data360 Analyze server locations that you can use to store data that you want to upload or download for use in your data flows.

Canvas alignment features

A new Smart Guide feature has been added to enable you to easily align items on the canvas. Additionally, a new align and distribute feature has been added which allows you to uniformly distribute items in a horizontal or vertical direction on the canvas.

For more information, see Aligning nodes.

Multi-user installation (Linux server only)

A new security feature has been added for Linux users to enable you to configure a multi-user installation.

Enterprise Data360 Analyze installations on Linux can now run the core Data360 Analyze components (Web Application, Execution Server, and Database) as separate Linux OS users. These users are assigned stricter levels of file access resulting in a much more secure running environment.

To configure a multi-user installation, it is recommended that you first create the required users, as detailed in the Data360 Analyze Server Installation Guide, and then follow the configuration steps to complete the setup immediately after installation.

For more information, see the Data360 Analyze Server Installation Guide.

SharePoint 365 nodes

Along with the Download for SharePoint 365 and List for SharePoint 365 nodes that were introduced in 3.9.2, the following two SharePoint 365 nodes have been added in this release:

  • Delete for SharePoint 365 - Deletes the contents from a SharePoint document library or folder using the Microsoft graph API.
  • Upload for SharePoint 365 - Uploads the contents to a SharePoint document library or folder using the Microsoft graph API.

These nodes integrate with SharePoint 365 online.

For more information, see Delete for SharePoint 365 and Upload for SharePoint 365.

Required input pins

If a node requires a valid input connection to enable it to run, an orange circle is displayed within the required pin until an enabled input is connected. This enables you to easily trace missing input connections that can prevent your data flow from running.

For more information, see Required input pins.

Scheduled data flow email notification

A new run property URL_Link_To_Run has been added to the Data360 Failed Schedule EmailNotification data flow. An admin user can reference this property in the schedule email template to include a direct link to the failed run in the email.

For more information, see Configuring schedule emails.

Database Metadata node

The Database Metadata node will now switch between using the correct queries for SQL Server or Azure DWH/Synapse when using the SQL Server driver.

Other changes

  • Fixed an issue where the Extract ERP Table node sometimes fails with an error "Option not valid".
  • The Database Metadata node has been changed to make trigger queries against Oracle using DBA_TRIGGERS instead of ALL_TRIGGERS. This should remove the need for any trigger permissions via "grant create any trigger to <user>" and only select permissions should be required via "grant SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE to <user>".
  • Introduced an ability to disable the schedule for a data flow while it is running.
  • It is possible to download the node logs directly from the canvas using the download option available when you right-click on the respective node.
  • Introduced fistExec, lastExec, and execCount functions to the advanced scripting capability of the Lookup node.

Corrected issues

Issue summary

Issue number
Fixed an issue in the Database Metadata node for DB2, the Procedure Parameters output had a field called TABLE_NAME which should have been called PROCEDURE_NAME. On the Function Parameters output, had a field called TABLE_NAME which should have been called FUNCTION_NAME. LAE-28804
Fixed an issue whereby the or ls.brain.webapp.contextUrl were not used when creating the URL for the URL_To_Linked_Run property in the failed schedule e-mail notification. LAE-28819
Fixed breancrumbs on upload file to server dialog. LAE-28927
Fixed an issue where toggle temporary transparency was not working for textbox. LAE-28784
Fixed an issue in URL Query Builder Node whereby fields specified Excluded Fields property were not excluded. LAE-28948
Fixed an issue where in the Database Metadata node, the table columns, and procedure and function parameters outputs previously had a null catalog field when run against postgres. While postgres does not return this information, the node knows which catalog it is working against to include the catalog information. LAE-28966
Fixed an issue where in 3.10.0 while running the Database Metadata node against an Azure Synapse database, if there were more than 32 thousand columns across all tables in any single schema, the node would log a warning and not retrieve any of the columns for that schema. LAE-28941
Fixed an issue whereby Data360 Analyze services does not initiate when installing with restore from backup option. LAE-28774
Fixed an issue where system backups could occasionally result in the application winding up in a deadlock requiring an application restart. LAE-27566
Fixed an issue when an Execute Data flow node is running while a system backup is ongoing, it will not be able to finish until the backup is complete. LAE-26357
Fixed an issue where system backups could occasionally result in the application winding up in a deadlock requiring an application restart. LAE-27690
Fixed an issue where logged errors are not displayed if a node is completed successfully. LAE-28619
Fixed an issue on the HTTP node where the DataOutputFieldType property was not always being used if one of the other output field properties were set. LAE-27559
Fixed an issue where multiple 'do output' statements in a single brainscript script pointing to the same output were not always writing the records correctly. LAE-28613
Fixed an issue where the file picker does not show the files in the directory when the file picker is re-opened following the selection of a file in a sub-directory. LAE-28852
Fixes an issue whereby the Database Metadata node was reporting warnings about "USE statement is not supported" and causing the node to not retrieve correct information when running against an Azure Synapse database. LAE-28939
Fixed an issue where the Database Profiler node will report the internal errors that occur during the column analysis phase of the profiling to the node's error output but this will not cause the node to fail unless the FailureBehavior property is set to Error. LAE-28875
Fixed an issue in the Excel File node if a WorkbookSpec property was specified which did not have the start and end column defined, and the node was configured to DetectFieldTypes, and the header row in the Excel spreadsheet contained empty cells, the cells were not getting auto-named correctly and instead were winding up with field names from the first row of the data. LAE-28351
Fixed an issue whereby it was not possible to rename the output pin on the Modify Field Prefix node. LAE-28615

For information on previous releases, see Release history.