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The Field List property appears on a number of nodes, for example the Merge node. You can use the Field List property to choose which input fields to output for a node, or to rename fields.

Patterns are used to identify input fields to include or excludefor output, based on a rule which is evaluated every time the node is run. The default patterns for output fields are Include patterns. This means that all fields which match the pattern are included, and you can choose to manually exclude them. If new input fields are found on the node, they will be added to the output fields by default.

To exclude a field, ensure that the field that you do not want to include is not selected.

To rename a field, type a new name to the right of the input field.

If you want to only output a few, already-present input fields on a pin, you can change a pattern to an Exclude pattern, by clicking on the green plus icon and choosing Exclude. In this case, all matching input fields are excluded, and you can manually choose which fields to include for output. Any new input fields which are found on the node will not be added to the output fields by default.

Note: If you have applied an Exclude pattern, you cannot rename the fields by pattern. If a set of fields has an existing rename pattern and is set to Exclude, the rename pattern is cleared.

You cannot have two output fields with the same name. Where you have fields on different inputs with the same name, a conflict is highlighted. In this case, you can either exclude or rename one of the fields to remove the conflict. Where the names are not exactly the same, but are similar, you could rename the fields on one of the inputs for clarity. Alternatively, you can enter a pattern to rename all of the fields found in the input, as shown below:

This can be very useful for renaming all of the right fields where there are multiple name conflicts with the left input fields.

If the node you are configuring has multiple output pins, you can choose which pin you want to configure the output fields for by choosing the output from the Output pin pin list:

For advanced use cases you can add your own patterns in addition to the default patterns provided by nodes. In the example below, a third pattern is added to exclude fields on the right input which match the naming convention 'Billing_Number_*'. One of these fields is then manually included and renamed:

When you use multiple patterns on the same input pin, you will often refer to the same input fields more than once in the list. When this happens, only the latest occurrence is observed, all previous occurrences are ignored and highlighted in orange.