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Data360 Analyze Server Help

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Data360 Analyze
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Data360 Analyze
Data360 Analyze Server Help
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Outputs Data360 Analyze data to the TIBCO Spotfire software STDF file format, allowing users to work with the output data within the Spotfire application.

Supported Data360 Analyze data types are String, Long, Double, Integer, Boolean, Unicode, Date, Time, Datetime and Base64-encoded binary objects.

Important Notes

1. The suffix of the output file must be ".stdf".2. Where Base64-encoded (Blob) data is to be written, the field's Data360 Analyze Data Type should be String and the contents of the field should contain valid Base64-encoded data. The node does not check the validity of the encoding of the data in the specified Blob fields.



Click the folder icon and browse to the file to which you want to output the data, then click Choose.

To create a new file, click the folder icon and navigate to the folder where you want to output the file, then enter a name for the file in the Filename field and click Choose.

A value is required for this property.

Note: If you are using the server edition, the output file will be created on the Data360 Analyze server. If you wish to open the file, and you don't have access to the file system on the server, you will need to download the file onto your local machine. Please see the topic Downloading data from the server for more details.


Optionally specify a comma separated list of fields that contain Base64 encoded binary data.

Fields must have a data type of String and contain valid Base64 encoded data.

The default value is none.


Optionally specify how to handle an existing Spotfire output file. Choose from:

  • Error - The node will throw an error if the Spotfire output file exists.
  • Ignore - The node will overwrite the existing Spotfire output file.
  • Log - The node will note the Spotfire output file exists in the log and overwrite.

The default value is Error.

Inputs and outputs

Inputs: Input.

Outputs: None.