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Converts the field names in the metadata of an input data set into field values in output records.

For each input record, a new output record will be constructed for each of the fields referenced in the PivotFields property. The name of the pivot field will be placed in the NamesOutputField field, and the value of that field on the output record will be placed in the DataOutputField field. All of the other fields on the output record are the same as the values on the input record.



Specify the fields over which to pivot. This property can accept the wildcards "*" and "?". These field names or field patterns are presented in a comma-separated, case-preserving list.

A value is required for this property.


Optionally specify the case-preserving name of the output field that contains the data from the pivot fields. The output field's type matches that of the fields in PivotFields unless TypeConversion property is not set to None.

The default value is "Data".


Optionally specify the case-preserving name of the field that contains the name of the fields from which this particular point has come.

The default value is "Names".


Optionally specify how the data in the PivotFields are to be output. Choose from:

  • To Unicode - Converts all data in the fields identified by PivotFields to Unicode during the course of the Pivot.
  • To String- Converts all data to strings.
  • None - The types of all the PivotFields must match, or this node will fail.

The default value is None.


Optionally specify if an output row is produced if its DataOutputField data is NULL. If this property is set to true, then the row is output. If this property is set to false, then the row is suppressed. When this property is false, this operation can only be reversed using the "Pivot - Data To Names" node if the original input data did not contain any NULL cells in the data field.

The default value is True.

Inputs and outputs

Inputs: in1, multiple optional.

Outputs:pivotTable, multiple optional.