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Takes an input BRD file produced by the Encrypt Fields node, and decrypts the appropriate fields.

You must provide the Decrypt Fields node with the same Password and SaltPassword choice that you use to produce the input BRD file. The node uses the same triple DES or AES 256 algorithm and SHA-1 password hashing technique as the Encrypt Fields node. The fields to be decrypted must have a string data type, Unicode data type fields containing encrypted data must be converted to string data type prior to being input to the Decrypt Fields node. The Decrypt Fields node decrypts string fields in the input that are preceded by a Mime header which specifies the intended type of the resulting decrypted value. If there are any fields with NULL values in the first record in the BRD input file, the Decrypt Fields node will give a warning because it cannot produce the correct type of the decrypted value. Consequently, all data in such fields will not be decrypted.

If you have run the Encrypt Fields node multiple times, using different passwords and salt choices, to decrypt the final produced encrypted data, run the Decrypt Fields node in reverse order as the Encrypt Fields node, using the corresponding passwords and salt choices.

Note: This node performs complex calculation, and it is expected to take a long time to complete, especially over a large number of fields and/or records.



Specify a password to be used to encrypt and decrypt the sensitive fields. You must distribute the password to everyone who is authorized to see the sensitive fields.

A value is required for this property.


Optionally specify whether to 'salt' the password.

If set to false, the node always encrypts a particular unencrypted string to the same encrypted string with a 1-1 mapping. This means that if you have access to two encrypted files, you can join on the encrypted fields and output the same result as if the files were not encrypted. It is important to note that if SaltPassword is set to false, even though the data is obfuscated, it is less secure.

If set to true, if the same string were encrypted 100 times, it could have 100 different encrypted forms.

The default value is True.

Inputs and outputs

Inputs: Input.

Outputs: Encrypted.