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Lists files on a Google Cloud Services server.

The Google Cloud Services nodes enable you to access data from Google Cloud Services buckets, so that you can integrate your data flows with Google. See:

To create a list of files in a single location on a Google Cloud Services server, specify the name of a Google Cloud Services bucket that you want to interrogate in the Bucket property.

If you want to list files from multiple locations on a Google Cloud Services server, use the (from Field) variant of the Bucket property to point to an input field containing a list of Google Cloud Services buckets.

Tip: For additional information on interacting with Google Cloud Services, see the Google Cloud Services Documentation.



Specify the name of the Google Cloud Services Bucket.

Choose the (from Field) variant of this property to look up the value from an input field with the name specified.

A value is required for this property.


Optionally specify the prefix of the Google Cloud Services Objects.

Choose the (from Field) variant of this property to look up the value from an input field with the name specified.

If the prefix is not set then all objects will be listed.


Optionally specify the file containing the Google Cloud Services credentials.

If the Credentials are not set then the Google Cloud Services default strategy will be used.


Returns results in a directory-like mode. Choose from:

  • True - Allows the Google Cloud Services List node to operate like a directory listing.

    In Google Cloud Services, the object namespace is flat, but you can use the API to return objects that do not contain a specified delimiter. Setting DirectoryMode to true is equivalent to specifying a forward slash character '/' as a delimiter, which returns a list of files. The API also returns, as prefixes, a list of objects that do contain the delimiter, truncated to the first instance of that delimiter.

    For example, if a bucket contains "file1.txt" and "dir1/file2.txt", setting DirectoryMode to true returns "file1.txt" and "dir1/" as objects.

  • False - Returns a list of all objects in the specified Bucket, or objects in the Bucket whose name begins with ObjectPrefix if a value is specified.

The default value is False.


Optionally specify what to do when the request fails. Choose from:

  • Error - Report error and stop further processing.
  • Log - Log a warning message.
  • Ignore - Ignore the error.

The default value is Log.

Inputs and outputs

Inputs: 1 optional.

Outputs: listed files, errors.