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This deprecated node imports data from a QVD file.

This node has been deprecated and will not be supported in a future release.

This node accepts the location of the QVD file on its input and outputs the contents of the file.

The file path can be specified either as a literal or field value. If the file path is to be taken from an input field, the file path must be specified on the first record as the node will only process the location in the first record of the specified field.

Note: The following additional software libraries are required in order for this node to work:commons-io-2.4.jarirbi-fileutils-0.1.0.jarjdbm-3.0-SNAPSHOT.jarqvd-converter-core-1.5.0.jarqvd-reader-1.5.0.jar

Please contact Ralf Becher using the contact details below in order to purchase the above libraries:

Ralf BecherQlik Luminary and Principal BI/Big Data Consultant

irregular.bi - IT Beratung Ralf BecherBernhard-Göring-Str. 86D-04275 Leipzig

Mobil: +49 170 23 67 352E-Mail: ralf.becher@web.de

Once you have obtained the required libraries, save them in the following folder:

If you selected Local User during installation:%LOCALAPPDATA%/Data360Analyze/site/lib/java/qvd

If you selected All Users during installation: C:/ProgramData/Data360Analyze/site/lib/java/qvd

<Data360Analyzesite configuration directory>/site-<port>/lib/java/qvd



Click the folder icon and browse to the QVD file that you want to import.

Choose the (from Field) variant of this property to look up the value from an input field with the name specified. If the file path is to be taken from a field on the input data, the file path must be specified in the first record.

A value is required for this property.

Note: If you are using the server edition and wish to use a file on your local machine, you must first upload it to the Data360 Analyze server. Please see the topic Uploading data to the server for more details.

Inputs and outputs

Inputs: 1 optional

Outputs: data