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The following node help pages provide detailed information about each node, including how to configure the node and details about the node properties. The pages are categorized in the same way that the nodes are categorized in the Nodes panel.

You can navigate to specific node help pages using the navigation panel on the left, or use the full text search at the top of the page.

If you require help on specific technologies associated to nodes, see:

Common properties

When you configure the nodes you place into your data flow, the properties you set are largely specific to the type of node. There is however a group of properties called Common, which is present for all nodes.


Optionally specify whether the node is enabled or disabled. You can either choose from True or False, or reference another property,which will be evaluated to a true/false value. For more information, see Using derived property values.

Disabled nodes are not executed, even if they are selected to run.

The default value is True.

Note: The Enabled property cannot reference (either directly or indirectly) any of the Run Properties of a data flow.


Optionally specify the level at which non-fatal messages are logged. The lower the level, the more information will be recorded in the log file. Choose from:

  • 0 - Information
  • 1 - Low
  • 2 - Medium
  • 3 - High
  • 4 - Fatal

The default value is 2 (Medium).

You can change this system-wide default by adding the ls.brain.node.logLevel property to the "cust.prop" file:

  1. Navigate to the "cust.prop" file, located at:

    <Data360Analyzesite configuration directory>/conf/cust.prop

    For example: C:/Users/<username>/Data360Analyze/site-7731/conf/cust.prop

  2. Add the ls.brain.node.logLevel property on a new line, setting the value as required.For example, to set the value to 1 (Low), add the following line:



For Java nodes, optionally specify the maximum heap size of the JVM instance that runs the node.

If this property is not set, then the value defaults to the value set in the server side property

Note: Enter a value in MB (e.g. 2048), or optionally include the measurement (e.g. 2G, or 2048M).

Tip: The default value of a node property is the value that is inherited from the library node. See Composition and inheritance.