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The following nodes have been deprecated and will not be supported in a future release of the product:

Deprecated node Alternative node
Agg Aggregate
Agg Filter Aggregate and Transform

CSV File

CSV/Delimited Input

Dataverse Query for Salesforce

(Formerly Lavastorm Transact for Salesforce)

Data360 Get for Salesforce

Dataverse Transact for Salesforce

(Formerly Lavastorm Transact for Salesforce)

Data360 Get for Salesforce

DB Truncate DB Execute

Delimited File

CSV/Delimited Input
Download for SharePoint 2010 Download for SharePoint 2013
Expand From List Do While Conditional and Transform
Filter By Group Transform
Folder List for SharePoint 2010 Folder List for SharePoint 2013
Multiple BRD Files BRD File
Python Filter Transform
Reduce To List Aggregate
Replace Text Transform
Send E-mail Send Email
Split By Group Split
Split By Pattern Split
Split By Search Split
Static Data Create Data
Upload for SharePoint 2010 Upload for SharePoint 2013

XMLpy File

XML Data

Unsupported nodes

The basic.brg and simple.brg node libraries are no longer available. The following nodes are not supported and are not available to select from the Nodes panel, where they are included in imported data flows, they cannot be edited:

  • Accelerator nodes
  • Chart nodes (formerly known as "InFlow nodes") - Area, Bar, Bubble, Line, Output Image, Pie, Radar and Scatter.
  • Change Fields. A Filter node could be used in place of the Change Fields node to create similar functionality.
  • Clock
  • Execute BRX
  • Histogram+
  • Hive nodes (Hive Join, Hive Metadata Query and Hive Sample) - The Hive nodes are not supported due to the removal of the prerequisite functionality within Java 1.8.
  • Linear Regression Diagnostics
  • Logistic Regression Diagnostics
  • Time Series Diagnostics