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Many of the Input Connector nodes allow you to import data into your data flow from a file. When you are working with Data360 Analyze you are using a web browser on your computer to display the user interface of an application which is running on a different machine, called the server. In order for Data360 Analyze to import data from files, these files must be present on the application server. This means that you must upload these files from your computer to the server.

To upload files to the server, choose the Upload local data file to the server button from the toolbar:

You will first be prompted to choose the file you wish to upload from your computer. You can then choose the location on the server to upload the file into. Choose MyFolder if you don't expect any other users to reference the file, otherwise you may wish to upload into the Public area, so that others can access the file in their data flows.

Once you have uploaded your file, you can then reference it in your nodes. When configuring nodes, hit the folder button in a file input field and the Choose a File dialog appears, prompting you to choose a file from the server:

Deleting Uploaded Files

Whilst uploading, downloading or choosing files from the server, you can delete data files which you no longer need. From the File Chooser hit the Delete icon shown on the right of a selected file. You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to delete the file, as the operation cannot be undone.

Please take care when deleting files from public folders on the server, checking first that other users are not still using them.

Tip: System administrators can configure the directory to which files are uploaded, see Editing upload / download settings.